Took a break from the blog due to busyness and blahness.  December whirled by — saw my Little Buddy before Christmas for an overnight visit, which was nice, and then again mid-January.  Making arrangements to have him visit a week in mid-June.

Had a nice low key Christmas holiday with the fashionista.  Christmas Eve was spent with family and then we have our own Christmas Day traditions.  A leisurely morning with coffee and rolls and opening gifts.  Choosing a movie for the afternoon.  Eating Chinese out and then off to the movies.  This year we went to see the new Narnia film.  It was a good choice.  We both enjoyed it.

A couple of Sunday afternoons ago we went to a matinee to see The King’s Speech and loved it.  This past Friday night we went to see Blue Valentine — depressing and too much graphic sex for my taste.  I am still trying to get some of those images out of my head.  Eh.

I finished knitting a very long man’s scarf for a birthday gift to be given the end of February.  It is sitting on the dining table to have the ends woven in.  It is four different colors — black, grey, navy, and a cream/blue/black tweedy yarn.  I hope the recipient likes it.

I am volunteering two Wednesday evenings a month in the coffeehouse at church — so far I am only taking orders, but I did have some training on making the different coffee drinks.  I made a caramel macchiato in training.  So now I have the potential of a second career as a barista!

I am still going to the pottery studio.  I am thinking of finishing up my wheel pottery this month and trying a handbuilding class next month.  Still thinking about it.

Cylinder 1-17-11

Latte mug 1-17-11

We have had bitterly cold weather and snow lately.  In fact since Monday night we got a new 8″ of snow.  I tried to shovel a path down the driveway this morning.  My coworker drove this morning as she has a van with automatic traction control, and I drive a small car.  I drove Monday and Tuesday — took us nearly an hour to get home yesterday.  I think our high today is 14.  But the wind makes it seem much colder.

The fashionista and I got a new pug in January.  I had been toying with the idea of getting another dog for quite some time.  I had thought she would take Lola with her when she moves and I have gotten used to having a dog around for companionship and to walk with — so I put an ad out for a black pug.  A woman answered my ad and we ended up with Coco Chanel.  The lady told me she was 3 but she is a little over a year old.  She was supposed to be housebroken, but she’s not — and the week we got her we had snow and high winds and bitter cold, which made working on potty training difficult to say the least.  She is very sweet and immediately took to the fashionista.  She was skittish and nervous about everything for awhile, but she is adjusting to everything and getting better.  So the fashionista has decided to take Coco Chanel with her when she moves out of town for school in the fall.  And the stubborn pug will remain with me.

Coco Chanel and Lola Jane Fonda

When the weather has been decent, I have been taking both to the park and they have done very well together.  Coco loves to go for walks and she just bounces/prances along.  Lola has ner nose to the ground and sort of snuffles along.

We had one great day in January where it got to 72 on a Friday.  I took the afternoon off and got my yard raked, walked the pugs, and washed and cleaned out my car.  I spent the entire afternoon outdoors.  It was so nice!  And we went ice skating that evening.  I had not been on ice skates in a number of years — since living in Minnesota.  It was a lot of fun — despite the fact that the rink is filled with middle schoolers on a Friday night.  I think if we go again it should be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I started knitting a new baby sweater with some red O-wool and I also have a pair of socks on the needles – a mulberry self-striping wool.


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