Back to Reality

Back to the reality of the work world after a glorious four days off. The weather here was pretty decent most of the weekend.  Thanksgiving Day was pretty cold, but no precipitation which was nice.  Managed to get the pug out to the park three out of the four days.  Yesterday was extremely windy, but we walked anyway.  Now that December is upon us, we have to make the most of the good days.

Wednesday afternoon the office closed early.  I went home for awhile and then off to get a haircut and deliver a Top Secret project. Here it is. A Christmas apron for BH, the young woman who cuts my hair — or used to until she up and moved to Seattle.

BH Christmas Apron

BH Christmas Apron


BH Christmas Apron

I just love this pattern.  I have made two aprons from it and have a third cut out to sew.

I also finished a toddler hat that was a request from one of the young mothers I know.  She saw a hat in a catalog that she wanted — I purchased the yarn on sale, so the material cost was $8.  A big savings from purchasing a similar hat for $35.

TW Ear Flap Hat with Braided Tassels

TW Ear Flap Hat with Braided Tassels


I am holding down the office fort alone today.  The boss’s young wife’s father died late last Wednesday — he had been ill with cancer for some months.  He lived out of state, so the boss has been gone over a week.  The funeral is today and he will be back in the office on Wednesday.  So I am busy with rescheduling and filing motions for extensions and trying to lighten his load as much as possible while he is gone.

The fashionista worked most of the weekend.  I did not do any Black Friday shopping.  I puttered around the house working on cleaning, doing some reorganizing, working on projects, doing some cooking and reading.  I got out all the Christmas decorations and we worked on some decorating.  We still need to finish it.  We meant to get it done last night, but we sat around talking most of the evening after dinner.


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