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Back to Reality

Back to the reality of the work world after a glorious four days off. The weather here was pretty decent most of the weekend.  Thanksgiving Day was pretty cold, but no precipitation which was nice.  Managed to get the pug out to the park three out of the four days.  Yesterday was extremely windy, but we walked anyway.  Now that December is upon us, we have to make the most of the good days.

Wednesday afternoon the office closed early.  I went home for awhile and then off to get a haircut and deliver a Top Secret project. Here it is. A Christmas apron for BH, the young woman who cuts my hair — or used to until she up and moved to Seattle.

BH Christmas Apron

BH Christmas Apron


BH Christmas Apron

I just love this pattern.  I have made two aprons from it and have a third cut out to sew.

I also finished a toddler hat that was a request from one of the young mothers I know.  She saw a hat in a catalog that she wanted — I purchased the yarn on sale, so the material cost was $8.  A big savings from purchasing a similar hat for $35.

TW Ear Flap Hat with Braided Tassels

TW Ear Flap Hat with Braided Tassels


I am holding down the office fort alone today.  The boss’s young wife’s father died late last Wednesday — he had been ill with cancer for some months.  He lived out of state, so the boss has been gone over a week.  The funeral is today and he will be back in the office on Wednesday.  So I am busy with rescheduling and filing motions for extensions and trying to lighten his load as much as possible while he is gone.

The fashionista worked most of the weekend.  I did not do any Black Friday shopping.  I puttered around the house working on cleaning, doing some reorganizing, working on projects, doing some cooking and reading.  I got out all the Christmas decorations and we worked on some decorating.  We still need to finish it.  We meant to get it done last night, but we sat around talking most of the evening after dinner.



Last Thursday evening I spent the evening at a cooking class on Cajun food prepared by my boss.  His wife teaches cooking classes in their home, but she was his assistant.  He didn’t provide a lot of instruction, but it was entertaining and fun.  One of the attendees brought mardi gras beads for us all to wear.  There were about 8 of us in attendance.  He made a chicken andouille gumbo, a creole shrimp dish — both served over rice.  And his wife made a roasted pecan salad and bananas foster for dessert.  And the wine and conversation and laughter flowed.  It was a fun evening.

And I was finally able to give the memory apron I made — it was for his wife.  I was pleased with how well it turned out and she absolutely loved it.

I think I told the story in one of my previous blog entries about how it came about that I made this.

Over the weekend I had a burst of project enthusiasm.  I sorted through yarn and fabric and made a project list.  I moved a desktop computer that we no longer use and set up my sewing machine and accessories on the computer desk downstairs in the family room.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for Christmas fabric to sew an apron — need to get it done before 11/24.  I started knitting a rib knit scarf, a toddler ear flap hat.  I found a baby sweater pattern that I want to use in knitting up the O-Wool that I bought over a year ago.  I have enough to knit three little sweaters — I love the O-Wool colors — they are kind of muted and heathery.  I have a red, a green, and a cream.  I want to make just plain sweaters and then either use some fancy buttons or do some embroidery and/or applique.  I found a cute pirate sweater pattern that I want to use to make the pug a sweater.  I dug out some light grey yarn and bright pink for that.  And I found some lovely blue and black Trekking to knit a pair of socks as a Christmas gift for a good friend.

I spent some time in the kitchen also — I used up the last of the garden basil in a pesto with parsley, lemon juice, pecorino, garlic, olive oil and walnuts.  It has a lovely light flavor.  I cleaned out the fridge and used up some leftovers for various things.  Made tostadas on Saturday night and last night we had butternut squash ravioli with sage butter sauce and pecorino and a spinach salad with a garlicky tomato vinaigrette.

Saturday afternoon it was in the 50s and sunny here, and the fashionista was working all day, so the pug and I went for a nice walk at the park. Yesterday it was cloudy and grey, so I stayed in all afternoon puttering and drinking hot tea.

Blustery November

November has been rather blustery so far.  It has been up and down as far as temps. 

The fashionista’s costume did not work out.  I think I had better stick to sewing aprons and the like. 

But I liked the costume she ended up putting together.  She was a Day of the Dead girl — pink party dress, glittery silver shoes, and she did face makeup like a sugar skull.  We hung little skeletons from her belt.  She really did look great.

This evening is the last cooking class I have to do this year — yay!  It has been fun, but it is a lot of work!  I am glad this is the last class.  My partner was ill last week, so I did pizza night by myself.  I was a bit apprehensive, but it went well.  We made pizza melanzane, potato pizza with rosemary and thyme, and pizza margherita.  I got many skeptical looks as I was making the dough by hand, but the dough turned out great and they were all surprised.  I use a Jamie Oliver recipe for pizza dough — it doesn’t have to rise — that you only let rest in plastic for about 15 minutes.  I also use a pizza sauce recipe from his Italy cookbook.  Since my partner was not coming, we didn’t have his recipes and I only had two pizza recipes, and I decided at the last minute to make the pizza margherita.  Turned out it was the class favorite.  I had nine people so we divided them up into groups of three, and each person made one of the pizzas and then the group shared all three.  It worked out great.

This evening is creative uses for Thanksgiving leftovers.  I cooked a small turkey over the weekend and took it all off the bone for class.  I used the carcass to make turkey noodle soup for me and the fashionista.  I am providing the recipe as a bonus for the class.  My contribution to class this evening is a turkey pot pie that uses leftover stuffing as the crust and I am using puff pastry instead of pie pastry for the top crust; and some easy peasy turkey enchiladas from a recipe I found years ago that used cream cheese, salsa, and shredded cheddar.

I am finally getting the hang of wheel pottery.  I trimmed a bowl last night.  I have another two bowls to trim.  I threw a third altered pot.  And I have two vases that I hope to trim next Monday.  I think I will stop by the studio on Friday after work and loosen the covers on the pots so that they are drier by Monday evening.  I think I want to make some batter bowls.  That might be a good project to try.  My glazing still sucks, but my throwing is getting better.

Last week I read The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg.  About a group of people getting ready and attending their last high school reunion.  It was sad and fun and interesting.

The Little Buddy is having his tonsils removed today and I am waiting to hear how that went.  The fashionista made him a really cute memory book of his visit here last month, and I put it in the mail to him yesterday.