A Few Days of “ME” Time

I had scheduled a couple of vacation days at the end of the week because I was supposed to have my Little Buddy visit for a couple of days, but that fell through.  And it turned out to be just as well.  We would have spent two days in the car and about 1-1/2 days for the actual visit.  New arrangements have been made, and I will have him for an entire week in mid to late September.  I am much happier with that plan, but I was looking forward to seeing him.  I went ahead and took the days off anyway, and have been enjoying my leisure time.  I spent some time reorganizing my kitchen, organizing projects, purging some things that have not been used in awhile, shopping, cooking, catching up on tivoed cooking shows and things like that.

Last night I picked my mother up and we went to Final Friday for a bit.  There was a ceramics exhibit I wanted to see at a local gallery and it was the last night for it.  There was an awesome vintage and handmade bicycle exhibit at one of the galleries. I took some photos.

The bicycle in the middle has a tooled leather seat and tooled leather handgrips! They were all very cool!

One gallery had a “nerdy artist” book sale and we browsed the books.  My mother bought a book of Robert Browning poetry and several magazines.  I purchase a Monet book for the fashionista.  She loves Monet.

Then we bought some vanilla latte gelato — which was excellent — and sat outside in the square listening to some music.  There were girls doing hula hoop tricks to drum beats and then they twirled and danced with fire sticks.  That was pretty unusual. It was a nice evening to get out.  It had been pretty hot yesterday, but when the sun began to go down, it cooled off a bit.

I adopted another soldier recently, and this morning I took my first box off to the post office.  I did not sponsor anyone last year as one of the fashionista’s good friends was in Afghanistan and we sent care packages to him.  So the soldier I just adopted is a medic and one of his requests was for candy and teddy bears for the children over there that they treat. Awww. I know space is limited over there and I was thinking about how to get teddy bears off in the mail and then I had a brilliant idea.  The fashionista has a box full of Beanie Babies that is still in the basement.  So I called her and she agreed to donate all but about 5 that have sentimental value to her.  They are soft and small and colorful, so I hope that works out.  I mailed off three in my first box along with a bag of Jolly Rancher hard candies.  I figure I can send three or four each month. The post office has changed the customs forms and I ended up writing out a list of the items and quantity and price on a plain sheet of paper.  The postal clerk told me it will be easier if I just do that each month and bring in five copies along with one custom form.  The forms only have about 4 lines and toiletries (which are needed items) have to be listed individually.  She said I can group candy, cookies, books, etc. but some things have to be specifically itemized. I told her I preferred the old forms and she agreed with me.

So, this month’s soldier box is done and on its way to Afghanistan.  School supplies have been purchased to donate.  Each year my church supplies a local elementary school with a backpack filled with school supplies for each child.  The church purchases 300-400 backpacks and they are distributed on a Sunday and then filled and returned the following Sunday.  School starts a little earlier this year, so a list of needed supplies was emailed and I have already purchased my items.  And since I was already buying school supplies, I bought extra for the city-wide collection effort and to put in my Operation Christmas Child shoebox. It is a good feeling to have those things done. 

Now on to some knitting and sewing!


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