Wish it was Sunday

That’s my fun day – la la la la la. We finally got some rain over the weekend — and lots of sticky humidity.  But the rain was definitely a blessing.


Fusilli with sauteed tomatoes, pecorino, and fresh basil

Fusilli with sauteed tomatoes, pecorino and fresh basil

This is the only food photo I have from the weekend.  My oven is on the fritz and I am waiting for either a new element or a new appliance.  And of course since I don’t have an oven to use, I want to bake.  Go figure.  We always want what we can’t have. 

The place I usually buy my Lebanese groceries from is currently closed, so I went to my first alternate location on Saturday morning.  I picked up some chickpeas, small containers of hummus and laban, a carton of feta, and several small eggplants.  I also stopped by a truck selling produce by the side of the road and purchased tomatoes, zucchini, and cantaloupe.  I intended to go out to the farm market, but remembered that it was “tomato day” and figured it would be too crowded — and later I heard from a friend that it was, so it was just as well I came across the lone seller by the side of the road. I went to a local ceramics supply shop and picked up a carving tool, a flexible rib and a glaze stamp. Returned library books I am finished with.

The rest of the weekend I just puttered around.  I made a ratatouille.  I cut out the apron for the fashionista — finally! Yesterday I set up the sewing machine and listened to several podcasts while sewing — the apron is nearly done.  One evening of sewing and it will be finished. I finished knitting a brown facecloth. Played with the pug. Not much going on at the moment.


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