All things in the garden are blooming.  The hot sunny weather has resulted in lots of blooms on the tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and cucumber plants.  The annual flowers are so pretty.  But I have no photos to share — yet.

I watched the World Cup games again over the weekend.  It was too bad the USA lost to Ghana, but they gave it all they had and they could leave the tournament with their heads held high — unlike the French team. . . but we won’t go there.  Wow — Germany and Argentina are just steamrolling their way through the games! 

The pug's disappointment at the USA's loss to Ghana

I had a pretty good weekend.  Friday night I went out to dinner and music theater with a coworker.  Saturday morning I was up early to go to the farm market.  I really stocked up — I bought cucumbers for Greek salad, yellow squash, eggs, tomatoes, purple bush beans, green bush beans, corn, local apricots — ah, food heaven!

A good friend had knee surgery last week, and I am taking dinner to her this evening.  I am making my good Greek salad, and another friend is grilling some chicken.  I baked a cherry/apricot clafouti yesterday for dessert.

I want to do some sewing this summer, and in particular, aprons.  I found the cutest pattern at Hobby Lobby last week when I was buying dishcloth cotton to make the fashionista some plain dark brown facecloths.

The fashionista has chosen the middle view for her apron and I went fabric shopping and took photos of various fabrics and she loved the browns.  The lining and the inset waistband will be plain brown.  I tried to match the green, but couldn’t find anything that looked close enough.  And the fashionista is very particular about things matching EXACTLY, so brown it will be.

I was telling the young woman who does my hair about sewing aprons — she is a close family friend — and I showed her the pattern, and she told me at church yesterday that she would like an apr0n, and if I would agree to sew it, she would go fabric shopping soon.  I see a few aprons in my future!

I have no new knitting photos to share, but here are a couple of food photos!

Farm market steamed beans dressed with organic butter, sea salt, pepper

Fish tacos with mango habanero salsa


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