Nothing Exciting Here

Wednesday.  Middle of the work week.  Not much going on around here except the usual-ness of life.

I did take this past Friday off — and my boss was rather unhappy about that.  I have several vacation days to burn before my anniversary date near the end of July.  He just doesn’t like it when I am gone.  ????? I do like my job a lot, and I enjoy working for him, but I have a life outside of work — and he would rather I didn’t.  You would think after 14 years he could come to terms with that.  Oh, well.  As I said, I do like my job a lot and I am very blessed to have my job.

Friday I did a bit of shopping at my favorite clothing store.  I purchased a skirt back in May that I thought I would wear and then determined that I would not wear it, so I had it sitting in my room with the receipt.  I had gotten a $10 rewards certificate that needed to be used before the end of June, so I decided to return the skirt and see if I could find a new shirt or jacket and use my rewards money.  When I arrived at the store, everything was marked 30 – 50% off and there was an additional 50% off clearance items.  Well, there were quite a few things on the clearance racks that I liked, so — to make a long story short, I began shopping with a $25 store credit for my return, I had my $10 rewards money, and an additional 50% off clearance which made the total cost for three new shirts and a jacket = $17.82.  I was pretty pleased with that!

In the afternoon, I spent a couple of hours at the pottery studio during open studio time.  I worked on throwing cylinders.  I rehabbed some clay from previous throwing.  Bagged up some clay to take home — I want to make some beads and pendants for jewelry and I also want to try doing some hand building — or coiled pots.  I sanded my first pot so that it could be bisque fired when the opportunity arises. I made good use of my time.

Friday evening I went with a couple of friends to a Shakespeare in the Park production of Merry Wives of Windsor.  It was very well done, and a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Saturday I finished the second hunting sock and realized when I compared the two socks that I had forgotten to knit an inch between the end of the ribbing and the heel flap — so I ripped back to the ribbing and Monday night I finally finished the sock again and this time it matches the first.  I haven’t had to rip anything back like that in a very long time.  It just proves that I need to check the pattern occasionally instead of assuming I know what I am doing!

Dishcloth Trio

Can you tell I love green?  It is my favorite color!  The fashionista now has a green kitchen and wants green dishcloths, so I sent her this photo so she could choose a color.  She likes the second two. My favorite is the first.  While I was rummaging around in my dishcloth bin, I decided to count the finished cloths to see where I am on my “dishcloths for Sudan” project.  I have 24 finished cloths, so I am nearly halfway to my goal.  And I won’t need them until fall of 2011, so this is great!

Sunday afternoon was spent in the kitchen.  This is probably one of the more ludicrous things I have done in my life, but I am now cooking for the pug.  I know.  I never thought I would be one of those.  But I do believe it is healthier for her, and since I started doing this and walking her more, I am noticing that she has lost some of the weight I have been trying to get off her since the fashionista left.  Anyway, I still buy her good dry food — I only use half the amount each meal.  The rest is cooked food.  I cooked three pounds of ground turkey in a bit of olive oil, then I add brown rice and water and grated fresh organic carrots.  I fill two quart size freezer bags and put those in the freezer.  The rest goes into a container to be refrigerated and used for a week.  So each batch makes about 3 weeks of meals. And she LOVES her food!  If I don’t fix it quickly enough in the mornings and the evenings, she barks at me and dances around anxiously.

So Sunday afternoon while I was grating carrots, I baked a batch of my carrot-pineapple-walnut muffins.  And I made Ina Garten’s Old-Fashioned Carrot Salad, which is delicious.  I subsituted a couple of things — I didn’t have golden raisins, so I used regular raisins, and I had crushed pineapple instead of chunk.

Old-Fashioned Carrot Salad

It is yummy, yummy, yummy!  I also made a modified eggplant parmesan which recipe is from a Mark Bittman column.  It doesn’t use fried eggplant slices and is a much healthier version.


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