If it’s Tuesday, this must be —

I thought that was a cool title for a movie when I was a kid — If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium. My father and his wife are currently in Germany, I think.  They have been traveling for about a month now.  As I was watching Germany roll over Australia in the World Cup on Saturday, I wondered if they had watched the game somewhere in Germany.

I took the afternoon off on Friday, and went to the downtown library and then to the pottery studio.  I didn’t make anything — just worked on centering, coning, and trying to make a decent cylinder.  I have nearly gone through a bag of clay already and need to buy another bag this evening.  I save what I destroy on the wheel and will rehab it soon.

The weekend was either hot and humid or rainy.  I never did get the pug out to the park for a walk.  I did get the front flower beds weeded and mulched.  Other than that, I just kind of hung out in the house and did the usual humdrum household chores and read, knitted, watched the World Cup and the Cooking Channel.

But I do have knitting photos to share.

Organic cotton baby sweater

 I need to add a button and a loop, but am waiting until I have someone to give it to.

Lavender skinny scarf

I bought the yarn for this scarf several years ago on a weekend trip to Lawrence.  I cannot recall the name of it.  But it is lightweight and has an interesting texture.

Vintage style dishtowel

This dishtowel is from a pattern I found at the Purl Bee site.  I used eco recycled cotton paired with a sage Sugar n’ Cream for this towel.  It is rather small, but I like the way it looks.

And I made an Italian White Bean and Tuna Salad over the weekend. A can of cannellini beans, a can of tuna in olive oil, thinly sliced celery, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Easy peasy!

Italian white bean and tuna salad


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