Finally Figured Out . . .

how to email photos to myself from my phone.  I know.  I am technologically challenged.  The fashionista could have taught me how to do it — since my current phone is her old phone and since she knows the ins and outs of all that stuff.  But, she is not here and so it takes me awhile.

So here is another photo of Basin Park in Eureka Springs.

Basin Park

And the best pizza I have eaten since the years I lived in Sicily — the pesto veggie pizza from Geraldi’s in Eureka Springs.  The smell of baking pizza dough drew us in off the street.

Geraldi's Pesto Veggie Pizza

MMMMMMMMM. Just looking at it makes me hungry — even though I just had a peach breakfast smoothie.

Two more food photos — first caprese salad of the summer and the bulgur cherry salad I made over the weekend (recipe from Whole Living).

Insalata Caprese

Bulgur Cherry Salad


I had a pretty decent weekend.  Babysitting, farm market and grocery shopping, knitting, music, reading, walking the pug, family cookout, homemade Greek salad with farm market romaine, talking to the fashionista, among other things.

In high school and college (many many moons ago), my first love was music.  But my second was pottery.  I spent many hours in the art studio bent over a wheel.  Returning to pottery throwing has been on my bucket list.  And last night I took the plunge.  I found a studio within 2 miles of my residence which has classes for all levels, and last night I spent two blissful hours relearning wheel pottery — or the initial basics, anyway.  The instructor told me it is like riding a bike, and that even though I had not thrown a pot in 25 years or so, I should be able to pick it back up fairly easily.  And so this is my first pot!  I had such fun last night and I look forward to next Tuesday!!

First Wheel Pot -- 2010

It was such a good feeling to get my hands around clay again.

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