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Winding down to the weekend

Yay — after taking last Friday and Monday off, and another 3 day weekend coming soon, I am a happy person! 

Last night I went to the library and got new books to read.  Currently on the nightstand are: The God of the Hive by Laurie R. King; Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger; Organic Manifesto by Maria Rodale; The Room and the Chair by Lorraine Adams; The weed that strings the hangman’s bag by C. Alan Bradley.

Tonight I am attending a Dress for Success Premier Party for SATC2.  Should be fun.  Fashion show, buffet, goodie bag and the movie.  I am going with two friends.  We got together Tuesday evening and made quesadillas and watched the first movie.  Had a great time.

Then tomorrow evening I am babysitting for young friends of mine.  They are going on the final friday art crawl to have a date night.  And I will be entertaining their 4 and 2 year old boys.  I am taking a couple of games with me that I play with my Little Buddy and I think I will take some popcorn.  Should be fun.

Saturday will be my weekly farm market and miscellaneous shopping and then relaxing on the glider with a good book! I don’t have much planned for the weekend and am really looking forward to just puttering around.  Playing my guitar, knitting, reading, cooking, making some jewelry, getting out on my bicycle, and walking the pug.

Some friends of mine kept the pug while I was in Eureka Springs.  She did very well over there because they have a 10 year old daughter who loves pugs, but I think she missed me.  When I pulled into their drive Sunday evening to pick her up, they had her out on her leash.  When I opened the car door and got out, she ran over and hopped right into the car!  Too funny.

I have nearly finished knitting a “vintage style” towel made with recycled cotton yarn.  Will post a pic of it over the weekend.  I need to do a button loop and sew a button on the green and brown cotton baby sweater — must get that done this weekend.  And then I plan to get out the Harvard Square Striped Cardigan that has been languishing in my knitting box — hmmmmm, I believe I started it two years ago.  Must. Finish. It.


Random photos of ES


Basin Park downtown -- filled with musicians and artists

Nestled Between Two Mountains

That would be Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I had never been there — even though it is only 5.5 hours away.  My mother wanted to go on a weekend trip and since I knew she had been there before and loved it, I suggested it.  We left early Friday morning and returned on Sunday. It is an interesting community — it has an historic downtown area with lots of Victorian gingerbread homes of which most are B&Bs.  We stayed in one and it was lovely.  Gardens everywhere!  And the houses may look as though they are ground level, but a closer look lets you know that you are in fact looking at the third floor because the house is built down next to a rock cliff.  Hilly steep streets, moss and plants and trees everywhere.  Forest all around. Here are some photos of the historic area.

From the top of Spring Street

Humpty Dumpty really does sit on a wall

 More to follow.

Rainy Monday in ICT

Well, it is a cool and rainy Monday.  Under a tornado watch.  Yay.  Forecast calls for strong storms, potential for large hail and tornadoes.  Just a typical spring Monday in Kansas.

Four years ago I lost both windshields in my car to large hail.  I am hoping to never have a repeat occurrence.

I had a fairly quiet weekend.  Went to the farm market early Saturday morning and bought tomatoes, asparagus and rhubarb.  Got a haircut.  Took the pug for a long walk at the park.  Dropped off a bunch of asparagus to my mother.  Did some cleaning.  Knitted.  Cooked and baked. I had some overly ripe bananas so  I baked myself a loaf of banana bread. Cleaned some strawberries for lunches and cereal.

 I told my mother that I would bring dinner over on Mother’s Day for her and my aunt after they were finished touring the local botanical gardens.  So I sauteed onion, fresh asparagus and sliced button mushrooms in butter and made a quiche.  I fixed up a nice little salad and made a rhubarb cobbler for dessert.  We had a nice dinner and chatted.  I took the pug with me and the little dogs raced around my mother’s back yard for nearly two hours.

Last week I made an eggplant casserole that was from a blog entry of Mark Bittman’s — a healthier version of eggplant parmesan.  Just diced eggplant tossed with seasonings and diced tomatoes and panko crumbs mixed with basil and cheese and olive oil and the casserole is topped with mozzarella.  I finished the last of it for my lunch today.  I think it will be my new way of making eggplant — instead of dredging and frying eggplant slices in olive oil.

I breezed through the Elizabeth Peters book and enjoyed it.  I also breezed through Books 2 and 3 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and reserved Books 3 and 4 at the library.  My current reads are finishing up Farm City and reading Gourmet Rhapsody by Muriel Barbery.  I think a copy of the new No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency book will be ready for me to pick up at the library in a day or two. I have a cookbook/kitchen technique book by Alice Waters to read through.

I worked out in the yard a bit before it got chilly and rainy.  The lettuce is coming up nicely.  The cucumber and zucchini plants are up.  The tomatoes are starting to grow up nicely, and the green bean plants seem to be doing well.  The herbs in pots are coming along well.  I want to move some daylillies to a new spot.  The hosta starts I got from my mother are doing well.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting and working on one of the baby sweaters I am finishing — working on the edging now! — and there was nothing on television that I was particularly interested in, so I chose an NPR Selected Shorts podcast to listen to — a reading of The Things They Carried.  About a platoon of soldiers in Viet Nam and what they carried as they went from village to village.  It was an interesting and moving story.  Kudos to the creative mind who had the concept of telling a story from what is in a pocket and a backpack, etc.

Talked to the girls yesterday.  Eldest DD was in the middle of moving, so it was a short conversation.  Talked to the fashionista for well over an hour.  She seems to be doing fine in PA.

The father of little Charlotte Rose, the recipient of the pink and white baby sweater, is about the same age as Eldest DD.  He has played acoustic guitar on the same praise team with me for about 4 years now. I just love him and his wife and children.  He surprised me yesterday morning with a card for Mother’s Day and said I am his substitute mom.  I was very touched by that gesture.  It was very sweet and thoughtful of him and so completely unexpected.

Herb Day and Gardening

Saturday morning was Herb Day at the local agricultural extension office and farm market.  It opened around 7 a.m. and I got there shortly after 8, so it wasn’t too crowded and there were plenty of options to purchase.  I bought two nice bunches of asparagus, radishes, tomatoes, and cucumbers. And a rhubarb pie.  I wandered around for awhile browsing all the booths and the plant offerings.  I ended up purchasing dill, cilantro and two sweet basil plants.  I purchased tickets for my mother and aunt to go to the local garden tour this year as a Mother’s Day gift.

Then I ran various errands — picked up a 6 month supply of Interceptor for the pug and a new bottle of dog shampoo.  Did the rest of my grocery shopping. Filled the car with gas.  Bought make up and toiletries at Target.

Friday after work I went to a theater in the old town district and picked up some tickets to the Sex and the City 2 movie premier.  Our local Dress for Success is doing a fundraiser and so a couple of my friends and I are going.  It should be a lot of fun.  Only one of us has seen the first movie, so we will have a movie watching party before the premier.  Dress for Success is holding a fashion show, buffet, and goodie bag giveaway and then showing the movie.  $35 per ticket, but it will be fun and it is for a good cause.

Later that evening I met two friends at Starbuck’s for coffee and to celebrate A’s 50th birthday.  I told the barista that she needed to eat 50 bites of dessert — but she was not going for it.  So we ate and drank coffee and chatted and had a great time.

I finished cleaning out the back flower bed over the weekend and planted my new herbs in two large pots.  I cleaned out the bird bath and refilled it.  Did a little knitting.  Still finishing a baby sweater and I worked on a bright pink dishcloth.

Did some cooking.  There was a lunch after church yesterday, so I made a platter of hummus and a lemon pesto goat cheese dip to eat with fresh veggies.  The hummus went fast! Last night I made falafel salad for dinner and ate a small piece of rhubarb pie.  I think I will get some rhubarb next weekend at the farm market and make either a rhubarb custard or cobbler.  I love rhubarb.

My mother is involved with an animal rescue group and she always has at least one or two foster dogs in addition to her own dog.  Right now she has a young Japanese chin who loves to play and run, so I took the pug and went over there for awhile yesterday afternoon.  The dogs ran around and we sat out on the deck.  I gave her the garden tour tickets and picked up some farm eggs that she had gotten for me from a new source. She volunteers two days a week at the local low cost spay-neuter clinic and a young woman has started coming in there who sells farm eggs and homemade butter.

I thought the fashionista might be coming home again, but she changed her mind.  Last week she turned 22 and was ill, and got really homesick.  One of the phone calls I got was her sobbing and saying I JUST WANT TO COME HOME. I WANT MY MOM AND MY DOG!  But she finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and is fine now.  So she is staying in Pennsylvania for the time being.