Wet Wednesday

Today is a drizzly rainy day.  But as the weatherman said last night — April showers bring May flowers.

Yesterday after work I stopped at the opening day of the Tuesday evening farm market in the Green Acres parking lot.  It was pretty sparse, but it is early in the season.  I did score some hothouse tomatoes and a seedless English cucumber.  I bought a Lemon Boy tomato plant and a Celebrity tomato plant, local honey and local sand plum jelly.

When I got home, I put some new potatoes on to cook for my dinner, changed my clothes, and headed out to the backyard with the cat and the pug.  I finished cleaning out my herb garden area, but this year I am doing something different.  The chives and the sage that came back after the winter will stay in that area, but this year I am planting all veggies in the plot.  I put the two tomato plants at the very back.  In front of those, I planted one cucumber and one zucchini area.  Then I put in my four green bean plants.  And at the very front I put in some lettuce seeds.  I planted cherry tomato seeds in a big pot.  I currently have basil, rosemary and parsley in my kitchen window, but my plan is to plant herbs this year in large pots outside in the back.  Herb Day at the local extension office is coming up on May 1, and that is where I tend to buy all my herbs for the season.  I want to get cilantro, dill, and more basil.  I have thyme in a corner of the back yard plot next to the chives.

After the gardening was done, I had a simple supper of smashed new potatoes with some fresh chopped dill, butter, salt and pepper.  Later in the evening, I made a batch of hummus and had a small portion of it with some pretzel thin crackers.  Yum!

I finished reading the rest of The Kind Diet yesterday.  It is an interesting book, and I agree with a lot of what she writes, and I would make a few of the recipes, but a lot of her recipes use more asian ingredients and are macrobiotic.  I have never seen umeboshi plums in ICT.

My current read is La’s Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith.  And then I have books 2 and 3 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  The Percy Jackson books are okay.  Out of the two or three young adult series I have read lately, I would have to say that the Hunger Games books have been my favorite.


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