Sunday and Olympic Hockey

I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet connection was acting up.  I watched the US-Canada gold medal men’s hockey game.  Wow — what a terrific game!  And the US gave it a good try by tying it and sending the game to overtime.  I know they wanted gold, but they won silver — and gave it their best.

I worked on this while watching the game.

Charlotte Rose was born on Friday — three weeks early!  So I must get in gear and get her cardigan finished. And Saturday I went to the fabric store and got the cutest buttons!  The sweater takes three buttons and I could not decide between the two.  So, should I use all three flower buttons, all three little lamb buttons, two lamb and one flower, or one lamb and two flower?

Guess the photo didn’t turn out so great.

Other knitting in the works — a Stripes discloth and the hiking sock.

Stripes cloth and hiking sock

And I made a yummy salad yesterday.  A lentil salad with chopped cucumber, diced red bell pepper, sliced green and red grapes, coarsely chopped almonds, chopped green onions, and a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Lentil Salad

 I had some for lunch yesterday with a baked sweet potato.  And I liked it so much that I am having the same lunch today.

The last batch of books I had I just could not seem to get into reading.  I am currently reading a book called Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett.  The book is about two sisters in 1400s England — one who has an affair with the king and the other who learns the silk business.  And I picked up Elizabeth Kostova’s new book, The Swan Thieves, at the library to read when I finish Figures in Silk.  One of my friends reads some of the good young adult series books and she recommended two for me — The Hunger Games and The Lightning Thief.  I picked up the first Hunger Games book also. So I have plenty to keep me busy.


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