Early End to the Week

Tomorrow the boss is off to a small town in the southeast corner of the state, so I am taking a vacation day.  Nothing planned.  Not going anywhere.  Planning a quiet day at home.  And if the snow melts some, and the temps rise above 40, I may put a sweater on the pug and go for a walk in the park.

On Sunday afternoon, I was playing around in my bins of yarn — sorting and moving around and reorganizing, and I found a lovely dark red cotton silk heavy worsted that I bought with the plan of knitting myself a particular sweater.  I don’t care much for the pattern now, but I am thinking that I would love to knit something for myself with this yarn.  So one of the things I hope to do is to browse through my pattern and knitting mag bin and find something to knit up with this yarn.  It is not as if I need any additional projects, but I would like to knit myself a sweater that I will actually wear.  I did knit myself a cardigan once, but I didn’t like it when it was finally finished, and I gave it away.  I will wear socks and scarves that I knit for myself, but I want a sweater.

I spoke to the fashionista yesterday.  She was in the blizzard on the east coast.  Much much snow there.  But the house still had power and she has plenty to keep herself and her young charges busy.  So all is well — as well as can be expected.  And I hear they are expecting more snow on Sunday/Monday!

Saturday morning I have a breakfast to attend.  And I am hoping that it will be sunny and warm on Saturday — hope springs eternal! I would love to get out to the park.  I understand that by Sunday the temps will drop again. Boo.

This Sunday is the annual women of the family Valentine lunch.  I have all my gifts.  Just need to wrap and/or bag them, and address the cards.  I am looking forward to a nice Italian lunch on Sunday.

Not much to write about.  I will be heading to the library tomorrow.  There are two Amelia Peabody mysteries waiting for me that I have not yet read.  The newest and the one just prior to that. 

I am still knitting away on the organic cotton baby sweater and the hunting socks.  The baby sweater is a cream color, and I know the expected infant is a girl, so in addition to pink buttons, I am thinking about embroidering some pink flowers on it to dress it up a bit.  I have not done much embroidery, but surely I can do a few flowers.


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