Monday, Monday

The weekend came and went. And Monday has arrived.  Yet again.  Still no pictures.  I need to get a new sd card for the camera — and my laptop has woes at the moment.  I sent it to my brother for repair.  It comes in handy at times to have an IT person in the family.

Saturday morning I did some shopping and then spent the afternoon cleaning.  Fixed dinner for relatives and visited with them Saturday evening.  The meal went well, but apparently my white wine was too dry for their tastes.  Oh well.

Yesterday afternoon it was sunny and nice — in the 50s outside.  So I put the harness and the leash on the pug and we went for a walk around the park.  She seemed to be as happy to be outside as I was.  On the way home I made a stop at Michael’s and bought dishcloth cotton on sale for $1 per skein.  I limited myself to 20.

I made a couple of salads over the weekend that are completely vegan.  I made a bowl of the lima bean artichoke salad that I discovered this summer.  And I made one of Giada’s bean salads — it has cannellini beans and edamame with garlic, olive oil, and rosemary.  She added pecorino romano cheese, but I left that out and it tastes good to me.  I still have quite a bit of parsley left — I think I will make some tabouli.  When I was chopping parsley for the salads, I was putting some in the bunny’s cage.  When I turned around, I noticed that the pug had gotten a stalk of parsley from the cage and was eating it.  Perhaps she wants to try eating vegan, too!

And I found the loveliest oranges on Saturday — cara cara oranges.  The fruit almost looks like grapefruit and they have a sweet flavor and are seedless.  I bought two just to try and I need to go back and buy more.  I could eat them everyday.

I got several new library books to add to my reading shelf — The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, a book that Jentezen Franklin has written on fasting, and a book of natural knits for babies by Erika Knight.

I thought today was going to be much like yesterday, but when I went out around 1:00, it was still rather foggy and chilly.  And I hear we have a chance later this week for rain and snow.  Well, sigh, it is January after all.


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