Creeping up to the Weekend

Local Frost

It looked more like Narnia in our fair city on Tuesday.  Freezing fog is the cause of this beauty.

Still no knitting photos as of yet — but soon.  I do have one other photo, though, which is rather amusing.

Lola with toothbrush

The pug loves to chew on toothbrushes.  Santa put a brand new two pack of toothbrushes in her Christmas stocking.

The local band night at the new arena Tuesday night was a lot of fun.  I saw lots of people I knew — and lots of young adults the fashionista knows.  And it was great to see the inside of the new arena.  It is very nice.  I hope it does well here.  And I found that I have two unexpected new favorite local musicians and/or groups.  There was a lot of talent there.  And it was just a sampling of the local music scene.  Our fair city also has a First Friday music crawl — but many of the venues are bars, and I just can’t see myself hanging out in bars.  Which is why I would like to see more local music events at the arena.

I am trying to determine if I will be going back to Sudan — or some other place in Africa.  I hope to get a clear answer soon so that I can save and fundraise and collect my ministry items.  If I don’t go in 2010, perhaps 2011.  Or perhaps Tanzania or Zimbabwe or just back to Kenya. 

I had thought I would have another free weekend, but it is not to be.  Relatives who didn’t make it to town for Christmas emailed me and said they are coming on Saturday.  So I guess I am having people over for dinner.  I have decided to do the vegan 21 day plan, so only two items on the menu will include dairy — an appetizer turnover and a salad.  The menu plan is: apple walnut gorgonzola turnovers, chickpea and potato curry over jasmine rice, Ina Garten’s carrot salad, steamed or roasted broccoli.  I am debating on whether or not to prepare a dessert.  Probably not with the turnovers as the appetizer.


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