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Tonight’s the Night

That the snow is supposed to arrive.  The forecast has gone from 2 inches to 6 to 8 inches. Hmmmm. 9 times out of 10 it goes around our fair city.  But who knows? 

The temperatures certainly dropped a lot.  I had to turn the furnace up a bit last night. 

I had a bit more productive evening last night.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  I made two batches of hummus — one for me and one for the worship leader.  I will take his to practice with me this evening.  My dinner last night consisted of four meatless stuffed grape leaves, some hummus, and a bit of labneh, and two pieces of pita bread.  It was very good!  The pug likes hummus, so I gave her a bite on a small piece of pita.  Lately when she begs for treats or sits at my feet staring up at me while I am eating a meal, I give her a baby carrot to satisfy her.  Much better than the cheese and peanut butter that the fashionista always gave her.  Of course, if I chose to discipline that behavior I would not have to feed her anything.  But she gives me that longing sad look with her one good eye — and I melt.  Eh.  The pug has grown on me.

I washed my bedding last night and remade my bed.

I measured the socks the worship leader gave me and wrote down the measurements so I can give his socks back to him tonight.  And then I started rummaging through bins of yarn.  I was searching for two skeins of dark green wool that I thought might be nice paired with the tan alpaca that I was also looking for.  When I found the dark green yarn, it turned out to be an acrylic, so back in the bin it went.  I did find the tan alpaca — two skeins — perfect.  Then I went digging through the sock wool and couldn’t find a thing to go with the alpaca for these hunting socks I want to knit.  Then I remembered that I bought some organic wool a while back that might be nice.  It was upstairs in my bedroom, so I went searching through the yarn in my room.  The organic wool — 6 skeins — 3 different colors — all wrong.  Then I finally spied two skeins of dark brown WoolEase — not my favorite, but it will work with the alpaca and be sufficiently thick and warm.  So I got out my size 4 dpns and cast on.  I worked on the ribbed cuff while listening and half watching the State of the Union last night while the pug chewed on a toothbrush at my feet.

I measured the red/white ball band cloth last night and it is in my bag for lunch time knitting.  Two more pattern repeats and then I can bind off.  I think I will do a single crochet edge around it just to finish it off.

So, my mantra for today is snow snow stay away.


Expecting Snow

Today it is 53 degrees and sunny — and of course I am at the office.  Drat.  Tomorrow we are supposed to have a winter blast.  I am really hoping that most of it goes around us.  We shall see. 

I finished The Historian and dropped it off to my mother last night.  I needed to get gas for the car, so I decided just to let the pug ride along with me.  I didn’t put her harness on that she wears to the park — just clipped the leash to her collar.  When I got to the gas station — on the corner of two busy streets, of course — she just hopped out of the car behind me.  I was so startled by that and it took me a minute to realize that she was heading for the street.  I think she just assumed I had driven her somewhere to walk.  I grabbed the leash that was dragging behind her and made her get back into the car.  Scared me! It would have been nice to go for a quick walk, but it doesn’t stay light late enough yet.  Maybe in another 3 weeks or so.

I picked up the new Anne Tyler book, Noah’s Compass, at the library.  I didn’t care for the beginning, but I am still reading it and it is getting better as I go along.

Tonight I must get some things done around the house.  I hope I can stay motivated.

End of the Weekend

Sunday night — end of the weekend.  As usual, I did not accomplish every task I wanted to — I am caught up in finishing The Historian.  I am up to Chapter 70, so the end is in sight.

I have my laptop back and all is well.  I even have a couple of photos of knitting!!

These are my olive green Hedgerow socks:

Hedgerow Socks

And here is an organic cotton infant sweater that I finished in October — seems forever ago:

Sweater for Trace Aaron

It is a f.pea free pattern from her website.  She has some wonderful free patterns for infants.

The pug and I went to the park both yesterday and today.  Today it was colder and a bit windy.  I think I need to knit a hat for myself!

This morning when I was getting set up on the platform I noticed a tupperware container with a pair of men’s socks in it on my music stand.  I laughed out loud.  One of the worship leaders loves hummus, so I make it for him occasionally and I told him a few weeks ago that if he wanted more, he needed to bring me a container because I am running low on containers and can not keep giving them away.  And he had admired my Hedgerow socks, so I said if he would give me his foot length, I might knit him a pair of wool hunting socks for next hunting season.  Hence, the pair of men’s socks in the tupperware.  LOL.  The drummer asked me what I would do if I came next Sunday and the entire team left me containers with socks.  I replied that I guessed I would be very busy for awhile.  Too funny!

When we were at the park today, the wind kept blowing dry leaves across the path, and the pug would dart after a leaf and grab it up in her mouth and carry it a bit until she had another leaf to go after.  It was quite comical.

After our walk I started a big pot of lentil vegetable soup and roasted some root vegetables — carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  I watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa where she roasted the vegetables and then made a pureed roasted vegetable soup with a portion of the veggies.  It sounded very good, so I decided to roast some veggies for soup later this week.  I love roasted vegetables.  They have so much more flavor than any other way I fix them.  I also watched an episode of Giada’s show where she coated broccoli and cauliflower florets with egg and parmesan cheese, then fried them in olive oil and put them over fresh baby spinach with a vinaigrette for a salad.  Looked absolutely yummy!!

Well, back to The Historian.  Need to finish it so I can get back to my knitting.  Still have to finish red/white dishcloth 2.

Friday – My Favorite Day This Week

Ugh.  It has been such a long week in the office.  Drudge projects to work on.  Boss who thinks I should be able to read his mind.  I am in great need of a weekend.  And I am halfway to the start of the weekend now.  YAY!

No huge plans this weekend.  On my eternal quest to organize myself.  Lunch with my mother.  Haircut at a new salon Saturday afternoon that two of my young friends from church are opening.  The weather is supposed to be mid 50s today and tomorrow and cold again on Sunday, so I hope that I will have time to get myself and the pug to the park tomorrow afternoon while it is still nice out. 

I am deeply immersed in reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.  It is grimly fascinating.  I found out that the library is holding Anne Tyler’s new book for me — Noah’s Compass.  I should stop and pick it up on my way home today.  I also have a hold on The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, and it must be a popular read because I put a hold on it in early December and I am still waiting.  Elizabeth Kostova has a new book, Swan Thieves, that I will reserve after I finish my current books.

I hope to be done with the second red and white dishcloth this weekend.  I want to get back to finishing the two baby sweaters I have in my knitting basket.  I am itching to start a new project.  Just trying to decide what to make.  I am thinking about a scarf, but have not decided yet.

Mid Week

Ah, the middle of the week.  Temps are on the rise, but we still have the a.m. fog.

I finished reading Godmother.  It held my interest.  The ending reminded me of Life of Pi by Yann Martel.   No tigers or lifeboats or anything like that — just a little twist at the end.

Finished the first red and white dishcloth.  I have decided to switch it up and make the second cloth a Ball Band Dishcloth for a little variety.

I heard from my brother today.  My laptop should be ready by the weekend.  Yay.  And he is putting more RAM in it.  Hopefully it will be all fixed up.

I leave you with a photo of me and the fashionista at dinner with my friends on New Year’s Eve.  She came to eat with us and then left to go get dolled up for a night out with her friends.  Ah, I miss her.

New Year's Eve 2009

Monday, Monday

The weekend came and went. And Monday has arrived.  Yet again.  Still no pictures.  I need to get a new sd card for the camera — and my laptop has woes at the moment.  I sent it to my brother for repair.  It comes in handy at times to have an IT person in the family.

Saturday morning I did some shopping and then spent the afternoon cleaning.  Fixed dinner for relatives and visited with them Saturday evening.  The meal went well, but apparently my white wine was too dry for their tastes.  Oh well.

Yesterday afternoon it was sunny and nice — in the 50s outside.  So I put the harness and the leash on the pug and we went for a walk around the park.  She seemed to be as happy to be outside as I was.  On the way home I made a stop at Michael’s and bought dishcloth cotton on sale for $1 per skein.  I limited myself to 20.

I made a couple of salads over the weekend that are completely vegan.  I made a bowl of the lima bean artichoke salad that I discovered this summer.  And I made one of Giada’s bean salads — it has cannellini beans and edamame with garlic, olive oil, and rosemary.  She added pecorino romano cheese, but I left that out and it tastes good to me.  I still have quite a bit of parsley left — I think I will make some tabouli.  When I was chopping parsley for the salads, I was putting some in the bunny’s cage.  When I turned around, I noticed that the pug had gotten a stalk of parsley from the cage and was eating it.  Perhaps she wants to try eating vegan, too!

And I found the loveliest oranges on Saturday — cara cara oranges.  The fruit almost looks like grapefruit and they have a sweet flavor and are seedless.  I bought two just to try and I need to go back and buy more.  I could eat them everyday.

I got several new library books to add to my reading shelf — The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, a book that Jentezen Franklin has written on fasting, and a book of natural knits for babies by Erika Knight.

I thought today was going to be much like yesterday, but when I went out around 1:00, it was still rather foggy and chilly.  And I hear we have a chance later this week for rain and snow.  Well, sigh, it is January after all.

Creeping up to the Weekend

Local Frost

It looked more like Narnia in our fair city on Tuesday.  Freezing fog is the cause of this beauty.

Still no knitting photos as of yet — but soon.  I do have one other photo, though, which is rather amusing.

Lola with toothbrush

The pug loves to chew on toothbrushes.  Santa put a brand new two pack of toothbrushes in her Christmas stocking.

The local band night at the new arena Tuesday night was a lot of fun.  I saw lots of people I knew — and lots of young adults the fashionista knows.  And it was great to see the inside of the new arena.  It is very nice.  I hope it does well here.  And I found that I have two unexpected new favorite local musicians and/or groups.  There was a lot of talent there.  And it was just a sampling of the local music scene.  Our fair city also has a First Friday music crawl — but many of the venues are bars, and I just can’t see myself hanging out in bars.  Which is why I would like to see more local music events at the arena.

I am trying to determine if I will be going back to Sudan — or some other place in Africa.  I hope to get a clear answer soon so that I can save and fundraise and collect my ministry items.  If I don’t go in 2010, perhaps 2011.  Or perhaps Tanzania or Zimbabwe or just back to Kenya. 

I had thought I would have another free weekend, but it is not to be.  Relatives who didn’t make it to town for Christmas emailed me and said they are coming on Saturday.  So I guess I am having people over for dinner.  I have decided to do the vegan 21 day plan, so only two items on the menu will include dairy — an appetizer turnover and a salad.  The menu plan is: apple walnut gorgonzola turnovers, chickpea and potato curry over jasmine rice, Ina Garten’s carrot salad, steamed or roasted broccoli.  I am debating on whether or not to prepare a dessert.  Probably not with the turnovers as the appetizer.