Raising my head briefly

Ah, it has been a busy holiday season.  The fashionista is here, so I have been spending most of my time with her, of course.

The Sunday before Christmas I passed off the knitting I was able to accomplish — 5 scarves — and put my needles down for a bit.  Then I made two batches of shortbread for the office cookie exchange — one plain and one chai — and they tasted great, but didn’t look great.  I wonder now if it would be better to try to use a cookie press with the dough to make a prettier cookie.  I made 8 mini loaves of eggnog bread.  Another batch of spicy mini corn muffins to take to an office chili and soup supper.  The daughter of the attorney I work for was there.  She came back in November after being abroad for a year — 6 months as an au pair in England and 6 months as an au pair in Ireland.  She made a really good potato soup from a recipe she got in Ireland.

The next evening — Monday — I went home after work and ate a small dinner and commenced to wrap gifts.  I do not enjoy wrapping gifts.  But I needed to get it done before the fashionista arrived the following morning.  So I decided that I would just keep at it and get it all done in one evening — and I did.

The fashionista arrived a little late the next morning.  Her flight from Philly to Chicago went smoothly, but she was delayed in Chicago by 1.5 hours.  And her luggage was left in Chicago.  What is it about our family flying United through Chicago?  First my luggage and now the fashionista’s.  But the good news is that it came in on the next flight and I was able to pick it up around 6 p.m.

And then the weather got bad.  The forecast was horrible.  And it was very cold and windy.  The wind was the worst — light snow with 40-60 mph wind.  ICT got the least snow in the state, which is nice.  But I had planned a lovely dinner for my father, who was driving up from Tulsa to see the fashionista for Christmas, and he had to cancel due to the pending weather.  My church canceled Christmas Eve services, and the family Christmas Eve gathering was postponed until Saturday.  So we stayed in and ate, chatted, drank wine, watched movies, played with the pug, exchanged gifts — the usual.

We ventured out around noon on Christmas Day for chinese food and a movie.  Saw Avatar in 3-D.  We both liked it very much.  I really think it should be viewed 3-D.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I liked it more than I thought I would.  I went because it was the movie the fashionista wanted to see.

So we have been busy since with going to the art museum, eating Lebanese food, shopping, getting library books, and enjoying the company of each other.  I have been teaching her to cook some new things like pasta e fagioli soup, baked shrimp scampi, a new way I found to make hummus — she wants to learn some new things to make and I have been enjoying cooking with her.

I shall post again after the first of the year.  Hopefully with photos, and what I am reading, and there shall be knitting in 2010.  Happy New Year!


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I wear many hats -- mother and grandmother, paralegal, knitter, bass player in a praise and worship band, gardener, cook, avid reader, good friend, good listener -- just to name a few. View all posts by ksknitter

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