My Weekend

It was lovely weather here over the weekend.  Saturday I took my mother to visit the eldest daughter.  It was a warm Indian summer day, not windy at all.  There are not too many days that are not windy in KS.  Eldest daughter lives in a college town, but there was a big football game at the stadium that afternoon, so everywhere else was not crowded.  We ate lunch on the outside patio of eldest daughter’s favorite restaurant.  I had roasted vegetable tacos with rice and black beans on the side.  It was yummy.  My mother loved the house eldest daughter is renting and her Great Dane, Gabby.  We played with the dog and visited.  Eldest daughter had taken in 2 female kittens that she couldn’t really afford to keep, so we took them to the shelter for her and made a donation to the shelter.  Much easier to do that now.  There is a new grocery store in her town that carries my favorite coffee, so we went there and I bought some coffee for myself and some groceries for her.  All the things that moms do, you know.

The pug was not happy about being left in the kitchen all day on the weekend.  And she barked — scolded me about it when I got home.  So I puttered around and did laundry, etc. Saturday evening.

Sunday afternoon was lovely again, but a bit cloudier and with some wind.  I bought some groceries and finished my housework after church.  Then I took the pug to the park for a nice long walk and then stopped at the library to pick up a couple of books.

Sunday evening I roasted some acorn and butternut squash.  Made a lima bean artichoke heart salad.  Finished a baby sweater that I have been working on.  Finished another bright facecloth for my Sudan project.  Mended an afghan for a friend.  Started on some Christmas knitting.

The fashionista called yesterday.  She had been having some problems with her car, but she got that all worked out and she was in a much better mood.  She called to tell me that she was going to do some Christmas shopping and go into Philadelphia with a friend who would take her to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and some other sights.  I am glad she is getting around some — there is a lot that I would love to see in that area.  I may have to try to visit her there one of these days.




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