Fort Hood Thanksgiving Memory

Reading the news about the shootings at Fort Hood yesterday got me to thinking about my Thanksgiving at Fort Hood 11 years ago.  Eldest daughter’s hubby was in the Army and my first grandchild was about 2 months old.  The fashionista was 11 at the time and we went to spend Thanksgiving with eldest daughter and to see the new baby.

I remember thinking that the base was like a city — it was so large!  The kids lived in a small second story apartment just outside of the base and it was very warm there in November.  Naturally, since a mom was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, my son in law invited quite a few of his single soldier friends, which didn’t bother me in the least.

It must have been 85 degrees Thanksgiving Day and I spent most of it sweating in a tiny kitchen cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  24 lb. turkey, two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes and giblet gravy, green bean casserole, corn, rolls, a relish tray, and pies — pumpkin and our family cheese pie, which is eldest daughter’s favorite.

I made turkey enchiladas with rice and black beans and turkey pot pie with some of the leftovers — although with all those soldiers there were not many leftovers.

The fashionista spent most of the week we were there playing with the baby.  She got to feed, change, and bathe the baby.  We spent some time cross-stitching ornaments. I bought the kids lots of groceries and babysat while they went and played cards with friends.  Took them to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Took them to the exchange on the base and helped them get started on their Christmas shopping.

It was an expensive trip, but one that was well worth it.


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One response to “Fort Hood Thanksgiving Memory

  • Mary

    Oh, what wonderful memories. All of it very positive! My son, Rob, was one of those single soldiers invited to dinner his first Thanksgiving stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He had dinner at the home of his Section SGT. Dinner was prepared by the wives of the two married SGTs in the section. The single soldiers brought things like the beverages. It was a happy Thanksgiving for him and warmed my heart knowing he was included in a family-like Thanksgiving. How wonderful of you to cook and feed all those soldiers.

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