Rainy Thursday in ICT

 I love reading the Simply Recipes food blog.  I always get great ideas and I make many of the vegetarian recipes I find there.  Recently there was a recipe for pear butter which I found to be intriguing.  So I got all the stuff — except star anise.  I couldn’t find it, so I just sprinkled in some allspice and I think it worked fine.  I spent a recent Sunday afternoon making a batch of pear butter.  I got 11 jars out of about 6 lbs of pears.  It has a lovely flavor and I think I may make another batch to give as gifts. 


I finished a recycled sari silk scarf and decorated the ends with some old looking coin type decorations.  This scarf was to be sold at a benefit for a young woman who is going to Kenya in January to work at a children’s camp.  One of my friends purchased it and says she loves it, so I am happy about that.


I am still knitting dishcloths for Africa trips, finishing a baby sweater as a gift, several pairs of socks.  And I need to get started on a couple of things I want to do for Christmas.  I believe it was at the Purl Bee’s webpage that I found a pattern for vintage looking dish towels knit with organic cotton.  I am thinking that might be a perfect gift for my aunt this Christmas.

The pug and I went to a cookout Saturday evening and I put her in her costume for a bit.  She looks so funny! 

Karin and Lola

My church does a trunk or treat event every year.  I think the pug and I will go and walk around for a bit and hand out candy.  She will love it.  She can wear her turtle costume and I think I will dress up as a ninja!  Great fun!



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