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Rainy Thursday in ICT

 I love reading the Simply Recipes food blog.  I always get great ideas and I make many of the vegetarian recipes I find there.  Recently there was a recipe for pear butter which I found to be intriguing.  So I got all the stuff — except star anise.  I couldn’t find it, so I just sprinkled in some allspice and I think it worked fine.  I spent a recent Sunday afternoon making a batch of pear butter.  I got 11 jars out of about 6 lbs of pears.  It has a lovely flavor and I think I may make another batch to give as gifts. 


I finished a recycled sari silk scarf and decorated the ends with some old looking coin type decorations.  This scarf was to be sold at a benefit for a young woman who is going to Kenya in January to work at a children’s camp.  One of my friends purchased it and says she loves it, so I am happy about that.


I am still knitting dishcloths for Africa trips, finishing a baby sweater as a gift, several pairs of socks.  And I need to get started on a couple of things I want to do for Christmas.  I believe it was at the Purl Bee’s webpage that I found a pattern for vintage looking dish towels knit with organic cotton.  I am thinking that might be a perfect gift for my aunt this Christmas.

The pug and I went to a cookout Saturday evening and I put her in her costume for a bit.  She looks so funny! 

Karin and Lola

My church does a trunk or treat event every year.  I think the pug and I will go and walk around for a bit and hand out candy.  She will love it.  She can wear her turtle costume and I think I will dress up as a ninja!  Great fun!



Top Secret Project Finito

I have been working on a top secret project and it is finally finished.  I dropped it off this morning on my way to the office.  I wrote in one of my other posts about my worship team leader’s wife dying.  He is now a widower with a 6 yo daughter.  So I had the idea that she needed a princess dress either for Halloween or just for dress up if she already had a costume by the time I finished it.  Tuesday evening I took the basic dress over and tried it on her.  The body of the dress is a lilac satin and then I made an overskirt of purple tulle.  She has a tiara that is silver and pink, so we agreed that I would trim the neckline and the sleeves with silver, and add a pink ribbon sash.  While I was at the fabric store, I purchased some pink lace ruffle trim to add to the sleeves so that the sash wouldn’t look like an afterthought.  And here is a front and back view of the dress:



Pink Overload — A Rant

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not opposed to breast cancer awareness and/or the raising of money to find a cure.  In November 2000, I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer stage 3.  The tumor in my breast was 5 cm in size.  I was grateful there was no lymph node involvement.  I am grateful to be alive today.  Three out of ten women with my type of cancer don’t survive past 5 years.  I am very very grateful and truly blessed to be a miracle.

That being said — I don’t want my identity to be taken over by “breast cancer survivor.”  That is just a very small part of who I am. Does being a “survivor” mean I fought harder than someone else?  No.   There are other attributes for which I would prefer to be known.

And in October, pink is everywhere.  The pink ribbons are everywhere.  Manufacturers go all out in October (earlier than that, actually) with big advertising campaigns for “pink” products and all the slogans promise money to breast cancer research.  I AM NOT AGAINST EVEN A SINGLE PENNY for a cure for breast cancer.  BUT — does buying all those pink products guarantee that money does indeed go towards finding a cure?  I think not.  I think we can all agree that the manufacturers of these pink products pocket much more in profits than they donate.  And I believe that most of the ads are misleading — there are caps on the amount donated and money over that cap goes to normal profit, you have to use certain coupons — I am sure there are many tricks used in these advertising campaigns. 

Will buying that pink beribboned item really make a change?  Or is it just playing into our consumer-driven culture? A way of doing something for a cause without really doing anything?

I just had to get that all off my chest — no pun intended.  I intended to write today and put up photos, but my office computer is not cooperating with my camera, so I will load the photos this evening and post again later.

Chilly Monday in ICT

It is foggy and chilly and drizzly here today.  But a tad warmer than the entire weekend.  Upper 30s and low 40s for the highs on Saturday and Sunday — felt more wintry than autumn-like.

Last week was a difficult, sad, and busy week.  My worship team leader’s wife died while he was on a mission trip to Uruguay.  With her death, the details of some of their personal life that he had tried to keep quiet naturally surfaced.  So he is now a widow with a daughter in first grade.  Eh.  So I coordinated the meals for the family and then took Friday off to help with the funeral dinner after the service on Friday. 

Friday evening was a total veg out night.  Pretty much sat on the sofa drinking wine and petting the pug who had a major need for attention since I was busy every evening last week.

Saturday morning I got out and returned some shoes, exchanged a sweater, and bought groceries.  Then went home and spent the rest of Saturday cleaning and then cooking.  I made homemade minestrone soup, potato soup, eggplant parmesan, roasted butternut squash, and a squash and potato stew.  Now I have lunch and dinner for this week.

I didn’t sleep well Saturday night for some reason.  And I had two services to play yesterday morning — and I felt as though I had a grain of sand on top of my right eyeball — miserable miserable!  So after lunch and reading the paper, I got a blanket and laid on the sofa the rest of the day.  I think I needed that.

I did talk to the fashionista yesterday.  One of her young charges contracted the swine flu at school apparently.  She has been exposed and she and the other child are going today for immunizations.  I really hope she doesn’t get it.