Momentary Few Words

Ah, Bookish Wednesday has not existed of late.  The reason — more deviation from my reading list and not finishing books to write about by Wednesday….

I never did read the final Harry Potter book, and so I have spent the last couple of weeks re-reading HP and the Half-Blood Prince before tackling HP and the Deathly Hallows.  It has been my routine to re-read the last book in the series before the new one if there has been much time passed between books.  I was glad to finish the series.  Glad to find out what really happened in the end.  If you still haven’t read it, I will not spoil it for you.

Today I just finished The Road to Woodstock by Michael Lang.  I had watched a recent documentary called Woodstock Then and Now which was on one of the cable stations around the 40th anniversary of the festival. I was nearly 15 when Woodstock occurred. If I had not lived in the middle of the Midwest and had more liberal parents, I believe I would have been there.  Anyway, if you are a Woodstock fan, read the book.  I found all the background on how Lang managed to pull off such a huge event fascinating reading.  He may not have become wealthy from the event, but his name will be long remembered.

I spoke with the fashionista over the weekend.  She is doing well in her nanny job and likes being on the East Coast.  She plans to come home over Christmas for about a week.  It will be good to see her then. 

The temperatures are supposed to be cooler here this week, so I laundered sweaters and other fall clothing yesterday.  Ironed everything that needed to be ironed.  Packed up some clothing I know I won’t ever wear to take for the clothes closet donation box at church.  I have a pair of pants that need to be re-hemmed, a skirt seam to mend, and jacket sleeves to shorten.  I hope to get that done some evening this week.

I spent some time in the kitchen over the weekend after restocking the bare fridge and pantry.  I baked a casserole with ricotta, orzo, basil, fresh spinach, fresh diced tomatoes and sliced zucchini and sliced yellow squash.  Yummy it is!  And I cooked a large pot of potato soup and divided it out into containers.  I bought a package of frozen potato and onion pierogies that I plan to cook and serve with sauteed cabbage. When I ventured out to the back garden to pick some basil for the casserole, I noticed that I finally have a few tomatoes — I picked two nice yellow tomatoes and two red ones.  Of course my plants start producing now that summer is nearly over!  I need to pick and freeze sage for the winter.  I planted basil and rosemary and a start of thyme in pots on my kitchen windowsill.

I took the pug yesterday to have her nails trimmed and ground and her ears cleaned out.  Then we went for a walk in the park.


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