Monday of Fun Labor

This has been a good weekend.  Saturday morning I met my mother at the art museum.  There was an exhibit of Mexican art I wanted to see, and it was the last weekend.  She found out that there was a new Maxfield Parrish exhibit and she was thrilled about that, so we had a lovely morning.  The Mexican exhibit consisted of pottery from 1500 to 300 BC, weavings from later periods and paintings and embroidery.  Two Diego Rivera paintings were included.  The Maxfield Parrish exhibit was excellent.  I took a photo of the Chihuly chandelier in the museum.  I find Chihuly’s art glass fascinating.  I wish I had a better photograph or had gotten closer.

Chihuly art glass

Chihuly art glass

 After a cup of tomato bisque and a salad at the museum, I headed over to a local store that sells coffees, teas, and assorted things.  I bought two Chinese loose leaf and bud teas — an organic Bi Luo green tea and Wu Yi oolong.  I brewed a cup of the oolong later in the day and there is no substitute for excellent tea.

This morning I took the pug and went over to Riverside Park.  It has been a lovely cool morning here and we saw people unloading grills and picnic items preparing to spend the day.  There were people in canoes and kayaks on the river.  I took a photo of one of my favorite items in the park — the aluminum lily pads.  They are fountains and at night they are lit and I just love them.

Lily pads at Riverside

Lily pads at Riverside

I generally walk the pug at a different park — in fact we were there yesterday afternoon.  And watched the remote control boat races for a bit.  But I think we will try to walk at a few other parks instead of going to the same one all the time.

Today I am just doing some odds and ends.  Decorating for fall.  Organizing knitting projects.  Baking butterscotch spice cookies.  I planted some kitchen herbs and put them in the kitchen windowsill so I have fresh herbs year round.  I chopped up tomatoes and sliced basil for bruschetta.  I baked a lovely tomato pie for lunch.  Stopped at the store for bananas and cantaloupe.  So today will be a combination of chores and pleasurable tasks.  I love days like this.  No schedule to adhere to — I can do as much or as little as I like.


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