Mourning the end of the weekend

Eh. Another Monday.  But I did have a pretty productive weekend.  Surprise, surprise.  Got some things done I have thought about but procrastinated — and didn’t do other things that I thought I would do.

I did not get to the farm market or the acoustic arts concert or the Sunday night movies. I did take the pug to the vet.  She is 5 lbs overweight, had some nasty worms, and apparently has allergies.  Good grief.  So I gave her the last of her worm medicine this morning, and I hope that will do it.  Apparently there are worms that dogs can contract that get into the soil of your yard and are impossible to get rid of — who knew?!! I did not.  And because of these worms, the vet changed her heartworm preventive to Interceptor because it will keep her from getting infected with these worms again.  The pug only has one good eye.  The other eye is sunken in — since she was a shelter rescue we don’t know if it is a birth defect or from a a severe infection or what.  It doesn’t seem to bother or hurt her.  But there has been more discharge from it lately, so the vet checked and both eyes have some redness — allergies.  The vet recommended getting 25 mg. Benadryl tablets and giving her a half in the a.m. and the other half in the p.m.  And we need to get those extra 5 lbs. off.  Glad we are walking at the park.  And yesterday I spent a good 10 minutes throwing her ball outside until she quit running after it.

After the vet, I went home and decided to just start in on my laundry and housework.  I picked some basil and rolled it up and sliced it into freshly chopped tomato and a teaspoon of minced garlic.  Put it in the refrigerator for the flavors to meld.

I went through all the bedding stored in the basement and put in bags to donate all items that I will never use again.  The fashionista had been purchasing some items for an apartment and those were just sitting in a box.  So I put them into nice plastic storage tubs with lids to keep them nice.  Broke down a bunch of boxes to be recycled.  Cleaned up the utility room and the family room.  Pitched stuff that could not be recycled or donated.  Bagged up extra unused school supplies to donate.  Got all my laundry done and then tackled my ironing.  I made quite a nice dent in it.  I think I only have about 8-10 items left to iron and then I will be completely caught up.  YAY!

I made a nice batch of bruschetta for my dinner and had a glass of Tuscan Lemonade with it.  Yum — vodka, limoncello, and lemonade.

Then I watched a couple of the Heroes marathon episodes that I had recorded.  G4 has Heroes marathons on for the next few Saturdays.  Worked on knitting more dishcloths.  I finished a diagonal dishcloth and started a squidge cloth.

Yesterday was church in the a.m.  More Heroes episodes.  More bruschetta.  Some wildmushroom agnolotti dressed with a bit of olive oil and parmesan.  More knitting of dishcloths.  Brushing the pug and the cats.  Cleaning out the bunny cage.  Vacuuming and dusting.  Peeling peaches.  Baking a peach cobbler.  Purchasing a plant and birthday card for the boss.

And back at the office today. This evening I am taking my mother to a trendy local donut shop.  On Monday evenings all summer they have been showing public domain movies, vintage commercials and cartoons.  Tonight are seven short films on capitalism all filmed between 1936 and 1958.  Should be campy and fun!


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