Belated Bookish Wednesday

Much excitement and busyness in the house hold kept me from posting on Bookish Wednesday, so I thought I would at least get it done before the weekend.

The fashionista left EARLY this morning for her east coast adventure.  Said goodbye to me, the pug, and ICT and drove off.  She and her friend are on the road to Chicago today where they will have some fun and spend the night.  Then tomorrow she is headed to the Philadelphia area.

I think she cried more over leaving the spoiled rotten pug than me, her own mother. Eh.

I am pretty sure the pug has not had a great day and will be unhappy with me later.  She has not spent an entire day in her crate since December.  And I have a praise team picnic this evening, so I will be dashing home to gather up my food — hummus and labneh and pita bread — changing my clothes, pottying and feeding the pug and then gating her in the kitchen.  And tomorrow morning I have a hair appt.  I imagine I will be leapt upon and barked at a lot this weekend.  Oh joy.

Well, enough of that, on to the books:

I again departed from my summer reading list — several of the items on my list have not been available yet, so I have been filling in with other goodies.

Six Months in Sudan by James Maskalyk is by a young Canadian doctor who served as a doctor in the village of Abyei for Doctors Without Borders.  I believe he was there around 2003, but can’t specifically remember the date.  Having spent a short time in southern Sudan in the hot dry season, I could relate to his writing that his tukul was like an oven and still 100 degrees at night and that he pulled his bed outside.  The food sounded similar to what we ate.  And the compound clinic where we were unfortunately sounded similar also.  It is like trying to put a band-aid on the plague — malnutrition, illnesses that the clinic is not equipped for, etc.  I am glad I read it.  I think everyone should know what goes on in the world. I admire those who give of their time and talents to those in need.

On a lighter note, I have also been reading some of the Inspector Montalbano mysteries written by Andrea Camilleri.  I read The Smell of the Night, Rounding the Mark, and The Patience of the Spider.  I am currently reading The Paper Moon.  And I have another two in my library queue.  While I was in the Navy in my much younger years, I lived for 2.5 years in Sicily.  All the Inspector Montalbano books are set in Sicily and so I find them to be a great read. The descriptions of the trattorias and the food and the roads, etc. all make me feel nostalgic.

I wanted to read Farm City: the education of an urban farmer by Novella Carpenter, but didn’t have time.  I tried to extend it for another 2 weeks, but someone else had put a hold on it.  So I will have to reserve it again — but not until I finish the books I currently have.

Currently on my reading table, I have Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers, the last 2 Harry Potter books (I am re-reading the Half-Blood Prince before reading the last book — Deathly Hallows), My Life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prudhomme, The House of Lost Souls by Francis Cottam, and The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa.

After seeing Julie and Julia, I just had to read My Life in France.

So, tonight is my second picnic this week.  Tomorrow morning I think I will get the pug out early for a walk, then head to the farm market and my hair appointment after that.  Then a bit of shopping to restock basics like coffee, creamer, lettuce for the bunny, etc. And then put my house back together after the fashionista’s whirlwind of laundry, sorting, tearing apart, packing — aaaah.  I don’t think she left me any clean towels, and I have not opened the door to her room, but I am guessing she didn’t really clean it or anything.  I did leave the vacuum outside her door, but since I never heard it running, I think she missed the hint.


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