Busy Saturday in ICT

I tried to upload a photo, but for some reason it is not coming out right.  Oh, well.  Perhaps in the next post. 

I missed Bookish Wednesday this week.  Time just got away from me.  And it has been a rather different week.  This past Sunday I went to have coffee with a friend in the afternoon.  When I got home, the fashionista told me that she had just accepted a nanny position in Pennsylvania and plans to leave on August 14.  I was stunned and speechless.  I really had no words.  Apparently she signed up on a nanny website some time ago.  The person interested in her at the time chose another girl from St. Paul who was due to arrive on August 2.  But didn’t show.  Cashed in the plane ticket and sent a text message saying she had changed her mind.  So the fashionista got a call.  She showed me all the info and the website and said it is legitimate.  She will be taking care of two little boys ages 7 and 3.  She will earn twice the money she is making now, and if things work out, it could be a good opportunity for her.  She has wanted to go to the east coast for awhile now.  And she still has not decided about college — so…. there it is.  She wants to drive her car so she will have it for her free time.  A car will be provided for her work use.  One of her girlfriends is going with her part of the way.  They are headed for Chicago the first day and then she will go on alone from there.  She is leaving the pug with me.  It is a 6 month commitment — for now. Eh.

I went last night with two girlfriends to see Julie and Julia.  We decided to have some fun and wore aprons.  That was the photo I tried to upload.  We loved the movie and had a great time.

This morning I went early to the farm market.  I bought eggs, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peaches, cantaloupe, cucumber, and grape tomatoes.  Dropped the food off at home and then went to the office for 2.5 hours to do some organizational work.  After I got home, I cleaned the fruit and veggies, then ran some errands.

Late afternoon/early evening I did laundry and cleaned house.  The fashionista and I had roasted broccoli, cottage cheese, Panera bread, peaches and cantaloupe for dinner.

She went to work, and I worked on a knitted dishcloth and watched a cute movie with Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega called 10 Items or Less.

Off to ready the coffee pot for the a.m.  Bookish Wednesday should resume this next week.


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