Bookish Wednesday

Another digression from my summer reading list.  This book is a quick read, and the story line is a familiar theme.  Disengaged family due to tragedy.  SandraKaye’s great uncle is murdered in his neighborhood and her adopted Guatemalan son leaves their Texas home to find his birth mother.  SandraKaye’s surgeon husband spends more time than usual at the hospital and her other teenage son, Chris, becomes more and more distant.  SandraKaye finds herself going over to Poppy’s old neighborhood which has become territory for the poor, drugs, gangs, etc.  In giving an elderly woman a ride back to an apartment, she sees children rummaging through a dumpster and later realizes they were looking for food.  The next day she makes up a bag of peanut butter sandwiches and goes back.  She meets Cass who is 12 but claims to be 17 and has a story of her own.  The book is called The Summer Kitchen and is written by Lisa Wingate.  I don’t want to give too much of it away, so I encourage you to read it if you are interested.

Eco-Craft by Susan Wasinger has 30 craft projects.  The beginning of the book is a preface to the projects and discusses turning and living “green.”  The projects are divided into four categories — decorate, create, illuminate and celebrate.  I think this book has something for everyone.  Since I am a knitter, I always look for knitting in various craft books that I read. I was taken with a sweater rug created from felting wool sweaters and cutting them into strips, then knitting the strips on big fat needles.  Totes, trays, birdhouse, painted bottle vases, a towel rack from CD cases, baby jar chandelier — if you want to try environmentally friendly crafts with recycled and reused items from your home, then check out this book.

Since the fashionista has a pug that she likes to dress up, I got a book from the library called Canine Couture, 25 Projects: Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories for Designer Dogs which is authored by Lilly Shahravesh.  There are some fun and interesting projects if you want to spoil your dog (or make them miserable).  A personalized food mat, squeaky toy bone (and you can purchase the squeakers at a local pet store), collar and leash, sweaters, scarves and legwarmers, even a velvet smoking jacket and hot water bottle cover.  Most of the projects in this book are sewn, but there are a few knitted items.  I don’t know that I would spend the time making anything for the pug, but we enjoyed looking at the book.

Last night I finished reading A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick, and will save it for next week’s post.

Happy Reading!


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