First Day of the Work Week

Ah, the dreaded Monday has come around again.  But it was cool and rainy when I left for the office, so that wasn’t too bad.  Have many projects to work on — but that is a good thing in these economic times.

The fashionista and I went to the local zoo on Saturday.  One of the radio stations had a listener appreciation day, and I picked up $2 admission coupons — score!  Zoo admission is $11, so I saved $9 each for admission.  We got there when it opened early in the a.m. and we were outta there by the time the major crowds began to arrive.  I missed the farm market, but we still have plenty of veggies, so it was not a big deal.  I saw animals I have never seen out before, so that was cool.  And it was a cool morning for July, so it turned out to be a perfect day to go to the zoo.  We saw the Humboldt penguins, river otters, the new Tiger Trek exhibit, a grizzly bear, gorillas, orangutans, chimps, colubus monkeys, giraffes, hippos, Mexican wolves, okapi, the rain forest exhibit, reptiles (the fashionista loves turtles and tortoises, but not snakes), a male lion, black rhinos, elephants — among other animals.  It put me in the mood to talk about the safari I went on in March.  And I told the fashionista about going to the Kansas City zoo as a child and an elephant reaching through the bars and feeling my bare kneecap with his/her trunk.

We went to On the Border for Saturday lunch.  And then did a bit of shopping.  She wanted to go to her favorite store in the mall.  Since she had her own money, I agreed to tag along.  Actually my favorite clothing store had an extra 30-50% off summer clearance, and I bought a 3/4 sleeve black tee for 9.99, a blue and green print summer jacket ($65 regular price) for $9.99, and two short sleeve tees for $6.98 each, one of which is the perfect shade of purple to match one of the skirts I bought there at the beginning of the month. I was very happy with my bargains.

Saturday evening I cleaned up a bit around the house and hung out with the pug while the fashionista was at work.  Did some laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the rabbit cage, and dusted.  Lit candles and watched Primeval with a glass of riesling. The fashionista called and asked if I could wash a couple of outfits for her as after work she and several co-workers were going to drive to Oklahoma (about 1.5 hours away) to a casino.  I told her not to take much money.  She was excited to go — new experience.  She played the slots and lost $25 and stopped. She spent most of the time watching her friends lose money.  Luckily, she doesn’t understand cards and gambling and all that and really has no desire to learn.

Yesterday she was still sleeping when I got home from church, so I spent some time in the kitchen making food.  Lima bean artichoke salad, insalata caprese, zucchini feta salad.  I cleaned out the fridge and rearranged some things in the pantry.  I need to reorganize and clean out the freezer space.  Perhaps that will be this evening’s project.

She decided to redo her room — going totally pink.  With all the dorm stuff in the stores, this is a good time to do it.  She bought a plain pink comforter — pale pink on one side and a brighter pink on the other.  Pale pink sheets.  Both on sale.  We found a floor lamp with pink shades on sale.  A bedrest pillow in bright pink — she likes to have one on her bed when she reads.  A pink body pillow with polka dots — again on sale.  She loves Hello Kitty, so she bought a Hello Kitty pillow.  A round pillow with polka dots.  I had a coupon to a local discount store for 20% off my entire purchase yesterday, so we went there and she found pink sheer curtains for her windows and inexpensive curtain rods, light bulbs, and a few other odds and ends.  So she was busy last night in her room while I made a late supper.


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