Bookish Wednesday

Testimony by Anita Shreve tells the story of the lives changed — none for the better — by the consequences of a single action.  The story is set at a private secondary school in Vermont.  The headmaster is given a tape of three male students 17+ years of age engaging in sexual acts with a 14 year old female student.  The headmaster tries to deal with the situation as unobtrusively as possible to avoid scandal for the school, but is unsuccessful.  The book is written as a narrative by the various characters in the book, chapter by chapter.   Each chapter leads to the final telling of the events as they occurred.  It was an interesting read and very well written.

Life and plans are always changed by unexpected events.  Last Saturday the eldest daughter phoned me at noon saying that she was pretty sure she had strep throat and could I drive up and get the Little Buddy for a few days.  So I spent Saturday afternoon driving to Manhattan and back — 5 hour round trip.  It was good to see him, but I had to put off all kinds of things I had planned to accomplish.  This coming Sunday the Sudan team is giving a presentation.  I don’t have a clue as to what I am going to say or what photos I am going to use for my part.  Great.  And I am sending back some things for the young men who are learning to play guitar, and I still have quite a bit to do on that.  The missionaries will be leaving after this weekend, and I have to have all that stuff ready to give to them on Sunday or it won’t get to Sudan. And today is my brother’s birthday and I have a family gathering to attend, tomorrow night is praise team — eh.

So I spent much of what was left of the weekend sitting at the park, playing with the hose, playing Chutes and Ladders, going for ice cream and answering endless questions.  By the end of the evening, I was too tired to do anything else.

Last night was a drive to Herington and back to give Little Buddy back to his mother.  She was late, so we had ice cream at the Dairy Queen while waiting.  He loves vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.  I left with him at 5 p.m. after work and got home just before 9 p.m. Another evening shot.  But I would have to say it was for a good cause.  Sometimes trouble ends up being a blessing.

So I am currently reading Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo, and hopefully I will finish it before the next Bookish Wednesday —


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