Friday in ICT

Ah, Friday is finally here.  Last weekend seemed to fly by — I was gone a lot and spent little time at home.

Last Saturday was our firm’s summer party.  I had invited eldest daughter and Little Buddy to join me, but she thinks her vehicle may have some issues, and she did not want to take it out on the road.  The fashionista would have gone, but we were not getting back early enough for her to get to work.  So I went solo.  Not a bad thing.  We hopped on a charter bus and went cruising up to Salina where we spent a few hours at the Rolling Hills wildlife zoo.  It was a much better zoo than I expected, and it has a really great museum.  I enjoyed myself there.  Then we hopped back on the bus and went to a winery and vineyard in Salina — Smoky Hills — for a wine tasting, tour of the vineyard and dinner.  The wine tasting was great!  They had some nice wines.  I bought two bottles of their Simply Red which is a semi-dry red, and a bottle of the Premium Auslese, which is my favorite of the wines I tasted.  And I drank it through dinner.  I thought dinner was a buffet, and I figured I could fill up on salad.  But we were served instead.  There was salad with chicken in it, so I ate around the chicken, bread with butter, and then a serving of lasagna and a piece of chicken parmesan.  So I mainly drank wine seeing as how dinner was mainly meat.  I likely drank my year’s quota of wine on Saturday.  Luckily, I did not have my car and got a ride home.  Why did I not have my car?  Well. . .

The local humane society is moving this week into a brand spanking new state of the art facility.  The fashionista has a good friend who works there, and last weekend they had a big adoption promotion to cut down on the number of animals they had to move.  The street address number for the new facility is 3313, so the cost to adopt a dog over the weekend was $33.13, as opposed to the usual $178+.  Considering every animal has the basic shots (depending on age), spayed/neutered, microchip, tattoo, basic medical care, etc. it is an excellent deal.  So, the fashionista determined that she wanted another dog.  And so she dragged me to the humane society to stand in line an hour waiting for them to open on Saturday.  And she ended up with a Cairn mix male puppy.  She has named him Oliver.  And he is cute, but busy, and she has her work cut out for her with potty training him, keeping him from chewing up everything in my house, and the jealousy of the pug. The pug enjoys having someone to play with since the cranky ancient Siamese in the house shun her — but she would prefer that he be put away unless it is play time.  She will adjust eventually — this will be an interesting experience.  And I am trying not to let it drive me crazy.  I am a minimalist in terms of decor and other things — perhaps I am a bit claustrophobic, but stuff laying everywhere, too much clutter, and things like that really bother me.  And now I think we have too many animals.

My mother seems to collect animals, and it would drive me insane to live at her house.  She has rescue birds, rescue cats plus her own cats plus the cats she terms “porch cats” because they live in the neighborhood but she feeds them on the porch, her own dog, usually a foster dog or two — frankly, I could not do it.  And I grew up that way — we always seemed to have a sizeable assortment of animals — dogs, cats, horses, a goose, lizards, snakes, a chinchilla, turtles, rescued baby rabbits and birds — you name it, we likely had one at one time or another. And I added to the menagerie myself by rescuing animals.  When I was a teenager, my cat would always bring home baby rabbits and I would end up with several in a box in my room and I would have to feed them evaporated milk with an eye dropper until I could turn them loose.  One day while driving home from school, I came across a box turtle that had been hit by a car.  I stopped and its shell was a bit cracked and one leg had been smashed.  I of course took it home and put it in a box and fed it bologna and chicken and lettuce and eventually it recovered and I drove it far out into the country and let it go.  So I have done my share. But I think that 2 cranky cats, a rabbit, a pug and an active puppy may just do me in.

So last weekend I missed out on going to the farm market, so tomorrow morning I will get there early — we are low on fresh veggies.


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