Monday Already???!!

The weekend seemed to blow by — kinda like the thunderstorm we had last night.  Yesterday afternoon the clouds and the heat seemed oppressive.  Around 7 p.m. the heavy pelting rain and strong winds came through — over in under an hour.

Friday evening I just kind of puttered around the house.  Worked on editing my mission trip journal.  Loaded the 1600+ photos the group took onto my laptop.  Tried loading some onto Facebook but my wireless internet connection was off and on — I hate that! — so I think I only managed to get 5 or so on and then gave up.  Will try it again on a day when I have much more patience.  Cracked open a bottle of wine.  Just had a quiet evening.

Saturday morning I got up and went to two farm markets.  My usual where I bought new potatoes, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, broccoli, cheese and onion enchiladas (we love those!), and briefly mourned the passing of the local asparagus season.  Oh, and I bought pie — a small strawberry rhubarb and a peach.  MMMMM — homemade flaky pie crust. At the second farm market in Old Town, I purchased porcini mushroom linguine, purple and yellow heirloom tomatoes, romaine lettuce, a couple of brownies for the fashionista, and a jar of locally made salsa.

After that I went over to a local pet supply store because they had treats 20% off, and I also purchased a pool for the pug.  I have officially crossed over the sanity line by buying a pool for a dog —

In the afternoon the fashionista and I lunched at the Old Mill.  It is a place we love, but we decided we had not been there in over a year.  She had a vegetarian burrito and vanilla ice cream with marshallow sauce and nuts.  I had a great pita stuffed with hummus, tomatoes, sprouts, red onion and jack cheese and a dip of strawberry ice cream.  Then we did some thrift shopping — something we also have not done in forever.  She is starting to collect items to move into her own apartment at some point.  She found some clear glass dinner plates for about 50 cents each, a set of clear glass bowls, and three clear glass jars with cork tops.  I sense a theme here.

I made a pasta salad with ranch dressing and assorted veggies that I have been eating here and there.  And I picked up some fresh mozzarella for an insalata caprese.  I alternated a purple tomato, yellow tomato and red tomato.  We love this salad drizzled with Italian white truffle oil. Yum.


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