Almost Weekend

The weather has been great the past couple of days.  Low to upper 70s.  The past two evenings I worked in the front yard and the pug roamed the yard.  I got the front flower beds weeded.  De-grassed the area around my Earth Kind rose and dead headed the roses.  Cleaned out the iris bed.  Thinned out the mint.  Last night I moved some day lillies around and watered everything.

It is supposed to be another nice evening and then back up to the 90s with storm possibilities tomorrow.  I really need to weed the herb garden and tomatoes.  I also really need to clean out the flower bed in the back and decide what to do with it.  There is a bare middle and I need to decide what to plant there or move some day lillies and iris around to fill in.  I have some lily of the valley back there that seems to get overshadowed.  I may move it to the front of the flower bed and then fill in with the lillies and iris.  And I need to get the four o clocks pulled up back there — they are like the mint — they take over!

I hope to pick up a couple of bags of mulch and get that spread around this weekend.

Three of my summer reading books are at the library.  I plan to head over there at noon and pick them up.  Testimony, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and Breakfast with Buddha.  So there will be reading this weekend.  I am trying to finish up Acceptance by Susan Coll — a novel about a college admissions counselor and various students trying to get into college and the competitiveness of the families, etc.  It is an interesting satire.


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