Bookish Wednesday

I read Knit Two by Kate Jacobs.  A continuation of the characters introduced in The Friday Night Knitting Club.  Georgia Walker’s daughter, Dakota, is now 18, and trying to adjust to life without her mother.  The book goes back and forth around what is happening in the lives of the knitting club members — Anita, KC, Peri, Catherine, Darwin, and Lucie — their relationships with each other and with Dakota, how they deal with the big issues in their lives, and the future of the yarn shop.  It is a quick read, but I enjoyed it.

I have put all my summer reading books on “reserve” at the library.  Two will be available soon, and some may take at least a month, which I hope will evenly space my reading list over the summer.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I am reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, and I find it very interesting.  He writes about 4 different types of meals in the book and he researched everything very thoroughly.  The amount of petroleum used in transporting food, the corn grown for food products and its impact on farming — fascinating — and a bit frightening as well.

I thought about it this past weekend when I headed for the farm market.  I bought tomatoes, probably the last asparagus of the season, lettuce, spinach, cheese and onion enchiladas, vegetarian tamales, and pie.  I don’t usually buy many sweets, but there is a Mennonite family who sells great pies, and I bought 3 small pies.  Two strawberry-rhubarb and one blackberry.  And then I gave them away.  One of the guys on my praise team has a wife who is going through cancer treatment for the umpteenth time.  At practice last Thursday I asked if I could bring Sunday lunch for his family.  I asked what kind of pie they would eat, and he said blackberry.  One of the other guys told him the strawberry-rhubarb was the best.  So I bought him a small blackberry and strawberry-rhubarb and a strawberry-rhubarb for the other guy.  I put together one of the fashionista’s new recipes — ravioli lasagna.  It is easy peasy.  We use cheese ravioli, but I bought meat ravioli for this family.  It is just ravioli, sauce, frozen chopped spinach thawed and liquid squeezed out, and cheese — layered in a baking dish.  Quick to make and who doesn’t like Italian food?

Over the weekend, I couldn’t help myself and started a second stripey baby cardigan — again using organic cotton.  This one is a green and cream yarn and I paired it with a solid cream and solid green.  I have about 2.5 inches left to knit on the body and then it also will be ready for sleeves and edging.  I will post a photo of it later.


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