Bookish Wednesday

I read a lot, and so I thought I would start a “Bookish Wednesday” where I discuss some of the books that have caught my fancy lately. I am always searching out book recommendations myself and thought it might be helpful.

I finished Olive Kitteredge by Elizabeth Strout last week.  Olive is a teacher in a small town in Maine.  The book is about her life and relationships with those around her and how things change over the years.  I enjoyed reading it.

Yesterday I finished Tea Time for the Traditionally Built — the latest in the Precious Ramotswe No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series.  Mma Makutsi’s nemesis, Violet Sephotho, makes an appearance again. And there is some drama with the tiny white van.  But you also see a needy side to Precious that we have not been privy to in past books.  These are a quick read, but I enjoy them and I like the author’s writing style.

My current fiction read is The Language of Bees by Laurie R. King.  More on that when I finish it.

Alt Fiber is a recent book by Shannon Okey.  The book contains 25+ patterns using yarns of bamboo, hemp, linen, corn fiber — you get the picture.  The author gives a brief description of the various alternative fibers from the common to the more unusual.  And there is a section on dyeing.  The patterns are a nice mix from time consuming to quick — socks, bags, scarves, shawls, gauntlets, sweaters, and even a hemp facecloth and a table set.  I only found one pattern that particularly interests me — the Fern Tee which is knit with corn fiber yarn.  I have put this pattern on my substantial to do list.

And finally, Elements of Style, Knit + Crochet Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt + Beads, by Rosemary Hill. I love jewelry and I am always fascinated with knit and crochet jewelry.  Knitting wire seems impossible and I am not certain I would have the patience for it, butI love to see everything that can be done.  This book has some lovely pieces in it.  Interesting beads, wire and two patterns that really appeal to me.  One is a scarf called Falling Leaves and it is knit with Habu Textiles stainless steel and merino blend yarn combined with Czech glass beads.  Habu yarn is pretty pricey, but for a scarf as unique as this, it would be worth the cost.

I am always on the lookout for the unique in knitting.  For myself and the people I find myself knitting items for — I want to give them something they can’t go out and buy for themselves.


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