Monday, Monday

And I would rather be outside than at the office!  It is a lovely day outside.  No rain in the forecast!

Busy weekend.  Two high school grad open houses to attend.  Shopping with the fashionista.  Ate out a couple of times.  Went to the farm market.  I bought cheese and onion enchiladas.  Found out the vendor does sell vegetarian tamales.  She says they are made with masa, jack cheese and vegetables.  I told her I will try those next time. I bought the usual tomatoes and asparagus.  I also bought radishes, spinach, and rhubarb.  Yesterday afternoon I roasted the asparagus and made a small rhubarb cobbler and we ate those with baked potatoes for dinner last night.

The fashionista is making black bean and avocado tacos for dinner this evening.

I also bought some bedding plants and two more tomato plants.  I had to move some things around in my small herb garden.  Somthing ate my fledgling dill plant! I bought a California Gold yellow tomato plant and a grape tomato plant.  In my round planter in front I planted white red leaf begonias with one pink one in the center.  I cleaned out the front flower bed and planted the rest of the behonias, alternating pink and white, and planted dianthus behind those.

The fashionista has been rollerblading.  She went Saturday with a friend and then yesterday afternoon we took the pug and went to the park.  She bladed with the pug for a bit to get the dog used to the skates and then I walked the pug the rest of the way.  It was nice to be out, and many other people agreed because the park was packed.

We talked about the coming holiday weekend with the Little Buddy.  If Sunday is nice, we are going to make a picnic and spend some quality time at the park with bicycles, the pug, and rollerblades.  Should be fun!  Rain, rain, stay away.

I did not get around to playing with my new food processor yet, but I have ingredients to make homemade pesto and hummus this week, so one of these evenings before the basil goes, I will spend the evening with the processor!  So exciting!

I will leave you with new pics of my Little Buddy.




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