Happy Almost Mother’s Day to Me

Lovely tulips delivered from eldest daughter on Friday:

Mother's Day Tulips

Mother's Day Tulips

And a large box from the fashionista:

Mother's Day Wrapped Box

Mother's Day Wrapped Box

It is a sizable box — I wonder if it is the new food processor I asked for? Hmmm. Will find out tomorrow.

Today was a busy Saturday.  I was up early to go to the Farm Market.  Bought eggs, asparagus, grape tomatoes, regular tomatoes, a small loaf of banana bread with flaxseed meal.

Then after dropping the food off at home, I went and got a large coffee and headed to a prayer conference with a good friend of mine until lunch time.  The worship was great, the teaching was good.

Picked up the fashionista and went to a new vegetarian restaurant that opened fairly recently — Zen.  The food was good and the prices were very reasonable.  I ordered the Green Bean Medley which came with egg flower soup.  The meal itself was in a Bento box and had several pieces of tempureh vegetables, the green bean entree in brown sauce, a spring roll, a cream cheese wonton and some plain rice.  The fashionista had hot and sour soup and a sushi platter.  Hers had the seaweed salad that I love — she tried it, but didn’t care for it.  So she ate some tempureh veggies and I ate some seaweed salad. 

Then we headed to Borders and spent some time looking at magazines.  Bought a vegetarian cookbook in the bargain books and a Cooking Light magazine.  I looked at the knitting magazines, but didn’t see anything I had to have.

Then on to the grocery store.  We have a family outing tomorrow.  My brother has planned a picnic — the weather says 60 and rain — so who knows.  The fashionista needed ingredients for brownies and we picked up a couple of bags of chips.

Then home to do some cleaning.  I made potato salad to eat with veggie burgers later this week.  And a few deviled eggs for the fashionista.  Then some pasta with pesto and grape tomatoes and capers for dinner.

Began knitting the toe decreases on the first Hedgerow sock.  Progress is being made.

I took some photos of some of the items I purchased at the Maasai market in Nairobi.  Will post them later.


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