Wednesday — Somewhere in the Midwest

Monday evening I tried a new recipe.  B size potatoes stuffed with olive salad.  I thought they turned out very well.

Olive stuffed potatoes

Olive stuffed potatoes

These were easy to make.  Wash about 6 B size potatoes and then boil them for 15 minutes or so.  I did mine a bit longer than 15 — until they were fork tender.  Remove them from the boiling water, cool for several minutes.  I then chopped 6 large green olives (stuffed with feta — which added a nice extra flavor), 4 large grape tomatoes, a bit of minced garlic, some dried basil (because my fresh is not large enough to pick yet), 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil.  Then I cut the potatoes in half and took a small slice off the bottom, scooped out some of the center, spooned in the olive salad and served room temperature.  We ate them for dinner with some lovely farmer market asparagus that I roasted.  If you are able to get small B potatoes roughly the same size, these would make a lovely appetizer.

I am trying new vegetarian recipes because it seems that most of what we ate while I was ill was mac and cheese, bean burritos, baked potatoes and fettucine alfredo.  I cannot live on that stuff.  Oh, and an occasional salad — or Ceasar salad wrap if I could manage it.  The fashionista can eat stuff like that all the time, but I need healthier and a bit more variety.  So now that I am back to doing some of the cooking, I will do some experimenting.

And there has been sock knitting going on also. Still working on the Hedgerow Socks — hope to have them finished soon.  Shooting for mid June.

Hedgerow Socks

Hedgerow Socks

They look rather brown in the photo, but are a lovely olive green. I originally bought the yarn to make eldest daughter a pair to wear in Iraq, but did not get the yarn knit up before her return, so these will be for me.

Other sock knitting in progress also:

Karin's Plain Socks

Karin's Plain Socks

This is just my own plain sock formula using one of the lovely Kaffe Fasset Regia colorways.  This is the second sock of the pair, so they are nearly finished.

There are just SO many things I want to do this summer — lots of projects, gardening, reading, bicycling — I have a long list.  Hope the summer lasts long enough to accomplish most of it.

And I will end with one of my favorite recent pics of my Little Buddy who is now THREE — hard to believe!

My Little Buddy

My Little Buddy


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