Blog Break Over

I took a long break from blogging, but am back.  Not that I have any readers, of course, but I mainly do this for myself.

Let’s see — my last post was the beginning of December… much has happened since then.  Had a lovely Christmas.  Spoiled the fashionista and her boyfriend.  Spent New Year’s Eve caring for the flu-ridden eldest daughter.  Bought the fashionista a new used vehicle — 2002 Hyundai Accent — after Christmas.  The fashionista started college classes in January at a local junior college.  The fashionista and her boyfriend broke up the second week in January and there has been some drama off and on with that — mainly on his part.  He apparently can’t believe she really wants nothing to do with him.  Some boys are just thick.  The rest of January and all of February was focused on preparing to go on a 16 day mission trip to Kenya and Sudan.  Came back March 22 and managed to contract Hepatitis E while in Africa. Was really sick for a month — and to compound it, I had to have my gall bladder removed also.

Am finally on the track back to a somewhat normal life, so I decided to resume blogging.

The fashionista turned 21 on April 27.  Very low key birthday.  She is not being terribly social at the moment.  Spends a lot of time in her room with the piglet (her pug Lola) watching Netflix movies on her laptop.  I did take her shopping for new clothes that Saturday before her birthday and again yesterday.  We went to On the Border for a birthday dinner and margaritas.  She was disappointed that the server did not ask for her id.

Right before her birthday, we took the piglet for a walk in the park and I tried to sound her out about what is going on with her.  My being sick for a month certainly took its toll.  While I was in Africa, she had to take care of the house and the animals and when I returned, she expected a break and instead had an ill mother added to the list of responsibilities.  Add to that the drama with the former boyfriend, and you have an unhappy young adult.

So what it boils down to is this — she doesn’t like school, she feels she has no real friends, and she wants to move — this time to the east coast.  Says she knows people there who will rent her a bedroom with bath and give her a job at a music venue.  She wants a cool job and a fun life.  BUT — she would also prefer that I foot the bill for this move so that she can go sooner.  Ha!  I told her that I will match her dollar for dollar when the time comes, but I am not paying for her move.  So we will see what happens.

I have done a bit of knitting.  In my next post, I plan to have a photo of my most recent sock and post my basic plain sock formula. And I am fighting a case of startitis — I had not spent much time knitting, and now I have at least 10 projects I want to get going on.  But I am trying to discipline myself to finish the socks I am working on before starting a new project.  Let’s not mention the languishing UFOs.

Music has been at a standstill lately.  Today after lunch I finally got down to the basement family room where I keep my guitars and music, sewing and knitting stuff — and the ironing basket.  Cleaned the room, set up the sewing machine, did some ironing, sorted through my music, dusted off my bass and played a bit.  Felt good.  I will be back to my praise team next week, so I need to practice a bit this coming week.

Yesterday was Herb Day at the local extension office.  The fashionista got up early and went with me.  She bought some Cooking Light and Real Simple magazines.  We bought hothouse tomatoes and english cucumbers.  I bought a Better Boy tomato plant, two Italian basils, the fashionista wanted a Thai basil, and we bought dill, sage, and rosemary.  It has rained A LOT lately, but this afternoon was clear, so the piglet and I went out to the back garden and I cleaned out the herb area, and got the plants in the ground.  I still want to get a grape tomato plant and plant a window box of lettuce for the bunny.

While I was in Africa, the fashionista decided to make our household vegetarian.  She cleaned out the fridge, freezer and pantry and gave it all to one of her friends.  It has been an interesting venture.  We never ate much meat — particularly red meat, but still….. It is challenging to figure out what to cook.  Yesterday we ate leftover macaroni and cheese, corn, and some zucchini cakes topped with homemade ranch dressing.  Tonight we are having ricotta stuffed pasta shells and I think I will make a simple mushroom and spinach salad.  The fashionista keeps buying the fake meat, though.  I have to say that I wonder what the point of that is.  But she put some of the crumbles in a spaghetti sauce last week, and I guess it was okay.  She bought some fake bacon for BLTs.  Personally, I am happy eating tomato and mayo sandwiches.  But she prefers the bacon and the mayo on hers, so I doubt she would settle for mayo only.  We will see how this works out.


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