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Pre Turkey Day

Hoping for a short day at the office today.  Am saving my vaca time for my trip to Africa in March.  The fashionista is at home waiting for a friend to call about going to see Twilight this afternoon.  Then we have some errands to run before the holiday tomorrow.

I bought the fashionista the first Twilight book back in September and she never got around to reading it.  She and the boyfriend had a disagreement last week, so she was home all weekend.  Started the first book Friday evening and finished it in the wee hours of the morning Saturday.  Bought the second book Saturday afternoon and read it in nearly one sitting (we are fast readers in my family).  I drove her to a friend’s Sunday afternoon to borrow books 3 and 4.  She finished 4 last night.  Whew!

Took the fashionista and the boyfriend out to our favorite Mexican restaurant last night.  They are still working things out — so it made for an interesting dinner.  I will not do that again….. But the food was good even if the company left something to be desired.

For turkey day tomorrow, I am having the family over.  My part of the dinner is the turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, and beverages — wine spritzers, tea, coffee.  The rest of the family brings salad, pies, potatoes, rolls.  It will be a nice time to stay in and eat and chat and have family time.  I am looking forward to it.

The fashionista informed me that she wants me to take her out on Black Friday this year.  I am not terribly thrilled.  Apparently a few gifts she wants to purchase will be half price — she said I need to set my alarm for 3:30 a.m.  Yeah, right….

I did get the boxes of Christmas decorations out last weekend and did a quick inventory.  They are sitting in the basement family room.  Will probably get the decorations up on Friday or Saturday — depends on how much shopping I get talked into on Friday.

It is funny.  I do love Thanksgiving dinner, but my favorite part of Thanksgiving is leftover turkey sandwiches and making turkey and noodles to eat over mashed potatoes.

With a four day weekend, I really am hoping to get the little Felix cardigan done for baby Micah and work on the pink shrug for baby Kylee.  These items should have been finished several weeks ago.  Bad, bad, lazy me.  And I got an email from a local yarn store which is having an after Thanksgiving sale.  I am going to try to stay away.  My laziness in knitting lately should not be rewarded with new yarn.  We’ll see if that little mantra works or not. Ha ha.

Have a great turkey day!


Rainy days and Mondays

Forgot that it was going to rain today and left home sans umbrella.  Will just have to hold my coat over my head and run to the car.

The weekend went by fairly quickly.  The fashionista and I went to lunch at one of our favorite Italian places Saturday.  I had spaghetti with mushrooms and she had the oven roasted chicken thighs — one of my usuals there also.  Then we took the pug for a nail trim and the fashionista for a hair trim.

I cast on for the ribbed vest I want to knit myself, but the count was not coming out right after I knit a few rows.  Left it on the coffee table and went to do something else.  The pug has decided she would like to chew on yarn and bamboo needles!  She has no idea what a death wish that may be….

I read a new book by the author of the Friday Night Knitting Club — Kate Jacobs, isn’t it?  The book is called Comfort Food.  It is about a woman who has a cable cooking show.  I really enjoyed it, though it was a fairly quick read.

Yesterday I did some cooking.  Put together a chicken and pasta casserole to bake this evening.  Made a crockpot of chili.  Baked pumpkin bread.  The fashionista was over at the boyfriend’s house.  When I went over to pick her up, I left a container of chili, a loaf of pumpkin bread, and a couple of containers of soup — homemade chicken and vegetable soup, and Tuscan white bean soup.  It seems as though the boyfriend is nearly always out of food even though he works full time — but his car is down right now — so on occasion I send food for him. 

Tonight after dinner is coffee night with my two closest friends.  The three of us have not gotten together since my birthday in August, so I am looking forward to catching up with them.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off as the attorney I work for will be going out of town for a mediation.  Am driving the fashionista to one of the area community colleges to enroll — yep, that’s right.  She is going to school.  The ironic thing is that recently she did some career and aptitude testing, and her highest scores were education and art.  So she has decided to become a kindergarten teacher.  The child who has disliked school and tried very hard to avoid school for the past 6 years has now decided to spend the rest of her life in school.  No, seriously, I am quite happy that she has some direction and is actually planning on having a real adult life.  And I am happy to help her in any way I can.  And she is quite good with young children and young children have always liked her.  And she will always be taller than kindergarten students (the fashionista is a whopping 4′ 10.5″ tall).  And she feels that she will be smarter than most kindergarten students. Now that is not to say that this life plan will not change in a week, or month or two or three — but today, that is the plan.  I am just glad there is finally a plan.

Fall is Here Friday

38 degrees on my way to the office this morning.  Fall is definitely here now.  Considering we had 76 degrees over the weekend and a tornado watch on Monday — in November! — good grief.

I have a couple of pics of the fashionista’s pug.  One in her Halloween costume.



The pig costume was rather appropriate for the pug.  She has grown on me over the past few months.  I put the fashionista and the piglet in obedience classes, and that has helped.  We were told that she was 2, but I am thinking not.  Close, but not 2.  They also told us she was housebroken — close, but not.  Crating her during the day has helped with potty training, but she still has her moments.

Another Halloween costume to share — my Little Buddy with long flowing brown locks —



Today is office staff lunch — the first Friday of the month we go out to a local restaurant at the firm’s expense.  The person in charge has chosen Granite City — not one of my favorites.  But I am thinking I may try their blackened chicken linguine today and see if I like that.  It is between that and the peppercorn blue cheese burger.

I have got to get out this weekend and winterize my yard.  I have been putting it off and I absolutely must get that accomplished this weekend.  And I am thinking of making a batch of pumpkin bread and some sort of chicken and pasta casserole.  Just sounds appealing to me today.

I discovered a new (to me) band through the fashionista and her boyfriend that I have been listening to a lot.  An Icelandic group called Sigur Ros.  Good stuff.  Give them a listen.

Big Day

That’s right.  You know what to do

Again it has been forever since I wrote a post.  Been spending more time over on Facebook, I guess.  Or not on the computer. 

My knitting muse disappeared for awhile, too.  But she has returned, and I am back to some knitting.  I knit a stripey organic cotton newborn hat and am now knitting a little cardi for the guy.  Still working on the Hedgerow socks, and I am dying to cast on a vest for myself but am holding off until I finish the newborn cardi.  I need to cast off the body and then I am ready for the sleeves.  It is called the Felix cardigan and I found it on a blog — can’t recall which one at the moment.  Easy peasy — knit seamless on a circular from the top down — 4 stitch markers.  Cool.  Even I can do that.

What else have I been doing, you say — oh, cooking, cleaning, working, driving the fashionista hither and yon, taking care of her dog, getting ready to go to Africa….. that’s right.  I did say Africa.  Southern Sudan, specifically.  On a mission trip.  In March 2009.  Lots of preparation involved.  But I am very very excited about it.

More later!