Monthly Archives: September 2008

Wow — an actual post

Sorry, but I have been mucho busy, and spending more time on Facebook.  But now that there is the NEW Facebook, I am less enamoured.

Sadly, there has been absolutely no knitting.  I finally got a couple of rows knit yesterday at lunch on the Hedgerow Socks, but that has been it for nearly a month.

I don’t know where the time goes — well, actually I do.  I have been so busy with the fashionista and trying to help her get her act together that I have sadly neglected my own stuff — outside of trying to keep up with my music.  But enough is enough.

The fashionista has gotten herself a dog — AFTER we had the conversation of when you are done with school and have a real job and are out on your own, you are welcome to get a dog.  We have two old cranky cats and a rabbit.  DID not need a dog.  But of course her friend at the local humane society called her and said there was a pug who had been returned to the shelter after being adopted  (I never knew you could just return a dog!  Learn something new every day) and was going to be put down — and since the fashionista has always wanted a pug, we now have a pug.  I have to admit that Lola is very cute — she only has one good eye. . . due to what I am not sure — birth defect, accident, whatever.  So there you have it.  I just put the two of them in an obedience class.  I am hoping that whatever training the dog has will rub off on the fashionista.

In addition to the dog, there is the boyfriend.  Enough said.

The fashionista no longer has a car or a driver’s license, so in order to help with transportation difficulties, I won a really nice moped on eBay.  What a nightmare that has turned out to be.  Took me a letter from the attorney I work for and the threat of legal action to get the thing delivered from Oklahoma City — and now I am going through the same hassle to get the documents I need to register the moped in Kansas.  We got the moped, but there was no battery.  The fashionista and the boyfriend got the battery situation dealt with and he has been helping her learn how to ride it.  Next is getting it registered and getting her moped license so she actually utilize it for transport.  Right now it sits in the shed and she takes it around the block.

I need to get back on track with my stuff.  I have a lot going on, and I told the fashionista both last night and this morning that she needs to grow up and get her act together. 

She and the boyfriend are leaving this evening to go down to Winfield for the bluegrass festival with about 20 of their friends.  I am looking forward to having tonight and all Saturday to myself.  She will be back Sunday morning, I guess.  I got out two sleeping bags and gave her some food money, and said have a great time.

My plans?  Dog sit.  Refocus.  Cooking.  Knitting.  Music.  Write some letters.  A movie. Enjoying the solitude.

Photos soon, I promise.