Rain Rain Go Away!

We are certainly having a soggy tornadic spring.  I need to do some yard work, but it keeps raining!  Early this morning we got another 2 inches.  More rain expected tonight and most of the day tomorrow — sheesh.

I am a frequent reader of WhipUp.net.  Very cool site.  If you have not heard of it, please check it out if you are artsy-crafty.  I have always been interested in making papier mache bowls and using bits of poetry and pictures, and I do make something similar — collaged journals using the basic composition books that you buy in the school supply area of any store.  Painted fish studio has a tutorial up for making papier mache bowls, so I believe I will give it a go.  I will let you know how it turns out.

Soldier Daughter will be down on Friday with my Little Buddy.  It is Music Theater night — the show this week is My Fair Lady.  I have stocked up on summer toys for the little guy, so he will have lots to do when he comes to my house.  SD wants to back to the Old Town Farm Market and purchase more of the lovely pasta we bought last time she was in town.  I think I may buy some of the gorgonzola walnut ravioli.

Knitting update — I am still plugging away on the second Whitby sock and the cardi.  The other evening I sat down and knitted nearly an entire pattern repeat on the Wavy Scarf — one more pattern repeat (44 rows) and the scarf will be finished!

I went to my usual farm market Saturday morning — the one at the county extension office.  Inside the building was a 4-H rabbit show.  I absolutely love rabbits.  I have had several rabbits as pets at various times in my past.  My last rabbit was a lovely dwarf Chinchilla doe whose name was Holly.  She died about 4 years ago.  Rabbits make great housepets and get along with cats.  Anyway, a man was selling baby mini Dutch rabbits and I purchased the only doe he had left.  Her name is Annie and she is doing great.  I set up her cage in the kitchen — tile floor and easy to clean — and until I find an appropriate gate, my bass guitar case is a perfect fit to keep her in the kitchen when I am home.  She is getting over her initial fear of me and she is just darling!  Will post photos later.  When I got my digital camera out, the low battery light came on and I could not take any pics.

Reading — my summer reading at the moment includes Then Ten Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, and many years ago I read and loved Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy, and I am rereading it this summer.

I haven’t heard much from the fashionista lately.  Guess I should send her a text message and see what is going on with her.  Or I can just repeat my usual mantra — no news is good news, no news is good news…..


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I wear many hats -- mother and grandmother, paralegal, knitter, bass player in a praise and worship band, gardener, cook, avid reader, good friend, good listener -- just to name a few. View all posts by ksknitter

One response to “Rain Rain Go Away!

  • Mary

    I am missing your regular blog updates and hoping things are well with you. Perhaps the weather has cooperated and you are doing more gardening and walking and less internet time. We picked our first two zucchini yesterday afternoon and I steamed them for dinner last night.

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