The end (hopefully) of a stormy week

It has been another stormy week in Kansas.  Soldier Daughter escaped the tornado that went through her town — but it was pretty close to her.  I am glad my Little Buddy was not there — he is still in KY, but she is picking him up tomorrow.  His dad goes back to Afghanistan next week.  I wish that were not the case, but that is life in wartime.

The sirens went off here last night so I got the two fat cats and headed down to the basement for awhile.  But whatever was going on went south and east of me.  We had heavy rain off and on all night.  I hope the weekend will be better.  This has definitely been a record tornado season — several nights of 20+ tornadoes.

I have turned the heel on the second Whitby sock — the end is in sight.  The striped baby cardi is coming along nicely.  I finished the back and am now knitting away on the right front section.  I hope to finish it over the weekend and start on the left.  I am trying very hard to not start new projects.  I have a lot of projects in the queue and it has been very tempting to cast on — but I keep telling myself I will feel SO much better if I finish the Whitby socks and the Harvard Square Stripe Cardigan first.

I am taking this afternoon away from the office.  I have a lot of little errands and things that I would like to do and the weekend never seems long enough.  I need to have new strings put on my bass, I need to go to the library to return some things and pick up some items on hold, pay some bills, do some shopping.  I want to check out a couple of the local natural foods stores and see what they have to offer in the way of local produce and meat.  I would really like to try to eat more locally, and am searching out venues for that.  I live in an agricultural state, but the closest CSA farm is nearly 3 hours away which is not feasible. I shop at the local farm markets now that they are open, but decided I need to start searching out other venues for fall and winter.

Last night after I got home from practice, I cooked some of the summer herb fettucine I bought at the farm market last week and ate it with a little butter and olive oil and grated cheese.  Wonderful flavor.  I see more of this pasta in my future.

I have been listening to a lot of Bela Fleck lately.  Edgar Meyer is a favorite of mine and he collaborates with Bela Fleck, so I have been listening this week to Perpetual Motion.  Awesome cd. 

Another artist I listen to frequently is George Winston on the Windham Hill label.  At the library a few weeks ago I found one of his cds that I had not known about — I can’t recall the name of the cd at the moment, but he plays music by The Doors.  People are Strange, Love Her Madly, Light My Fire — they sound great.  I have been listening to it a lot, too, and will probably have to buy it.


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