Big News Monday

I had a lovely weekend with Soldier Daughter.  We ate out Friday before the musical and one of my coworkers joined us — she also goes to music theater in the summers.  We had plum wine (a bit too sweet for me), 4 different kinds of sushi ( and I actually liked two of them), a seaweed salad (I really liked it), chicken yakisoba, and chicken tonkatsu.  The chicken tonkatsu was a pounded thin breaded chicken cutlet with a sauce that was a cross between a steak sauce and Worcestershire.  The chicken yakisoba was chicken and vegetables with soba noodles.  An enjoyable dinner, and the musical was great.

Saturday morning we went to the farm market at Old Town — not the one I usually go to, but I thought it would be more to Soldier Daughter’s liking — and it was.  We bought a small strawberry rhubarb pie, tomatoes, summer herb fettucine, Italian white truffle oil, a quilt sewn with cars and trucks fabric for the Little Buddy’s room, chili sauce, and salsa. Then we headed over to the yarn store where we  picked out yarn for hats and needles I needed that were on sale 50% off. 

We spent some time at the big new bookstore and ate lunch there.  Then we did a bit of shopping at Target. 

I cooked dinner Saturday evening — chicken piccata, pull apart garlic rolls, and a salad of fresh mozzarella slices, basil and tomatoes drizzled with the white truffle oil.  Dessert was the strawberry rhubarb pie.  Then we played several games of Scrabble and called it a night.

Yesterday I got some weeding done in my garden, freecycled a large box of VHS movies, did some cleaning.  In the evening I went back to church for a special event.  A team from our church, including our senior pastor, went to Dajo, Sudan in April to train pastors and lay leaders, and they were giving a presentation last night.  I have been thinking for some time that I need to do something — and after it was announced that two teams are going in October 2009, I signed up.  The team I will be on will be staying in Kenya while the other team goes on to Dajo.  I will be doing work at an orphanage and teaching women to sew — I can do this.  I am very excited about it and am glad there is plenty of time to get everything in order to go.


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