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Rain Rain Go Away!

We are certainly having a soggy tornadic spring.  I need to do some yard work, but it keeps raining!  Early this morning we got another 2 inches.  More rain expected tonight and most of the day tomorrow — sheesh.

I am a frequent reader of  Very cool site.  If you have not heard of it, please check it out if you are artsy-crafty.  I have always been interested in making papier mache bowls and using bits of poetry and pictures, and I do make something similar — collaged journals using the basic composition books that you buy in the school supply area of any store.  Painted fish studio has a tutorial up for making papier mache bowls, so I believe I will give it a go.  I will let you know how it turns out.

Soldier Daughter will be down on Friday with my Little Buddy.  It is Music Theater night — the show this week is My Fair Lady.  I have stocked up on summer toys for the little guy, so he will have lots to do when he comes to my house.  SD wants to back to the Old Town Farm Market and purchase more of the lovely pasta we bought last time she was in town.  I think I may buy some of the gorgonzola walnut ravioli.

Knitting update — I am still plugging away on the second Whitby sock and the cardi.  The other evening I sat down and knitted nearly an entire pattern repeat on the Wavy Scarf — one more pattern repeat (44 rows) and the scarf will be finished!

I went to my usual farm market Saturday morning — the one at the county extension office.  Inside the building was a 4-H rabbit show.  I absolutely love rabbits.  I have had several rabbits as pets at various times in my past.  My last rabbit was a lovely dwarf Chinchilla doe whose name was Holly.  She died about 4 years ago.  Rabbits make great housepets and get along with cats.  Anyway, a man was selling baby mini Dutch rabbits and I purchased the only doe he had left.  Her name is Annie and she is doing great.  I set up her cage in the kitchen — tile floor and easy to clean — and until I find an appropriate gate, my bass guitar case is a perfect fit to keep her in the kitchen when I am home.  She is getting over her initial fear of me and she is just darling!  Will post photos later.  When I got my digital camera out, the low battery light came on and I could not take any pics.

Reading — my summer reading at the moment includes Then Ten Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, and many years ago I read and loved Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy, and I am rereading it this summer.

I haven’t heard much from the fashionista lately.  Guess I should send her a text message and see what is going on with her.  Or I can just repeat my usual mantra — no news is good news, no news is good news…..


The end (hopefully) of a stormy week

It has been another stormy week in Kansas.  Soldier Daughter escaped the tornado that went through her town — but it was pretty close to her.  I am glad my Little Buddy was not there — he is still in KY, but she is picking him up tomorrow.  His dad goes back to Afghanistan next week.  I wish that were not the case, but that is life in wartime.

The sirens went off here last night so I got the two fat cats and headed down to the basement for awhile.  But whatever was going on went south and east of me.  We had heavy rain off and on all night.  I hope the weekend will be better.  This has definitely been a record tornado season — several nights of 20+ tornadoes.

I have turned the heel on the second Whitby sock — the end is in sight.  The striped baby cardi is coming along nicely.  I finished the back and am now knitting away on the right front section.  I hope to finish it over the weekend and start on the left.  I am trying very hard to not start new projects.  I have a lot of projects in the queue and it has been very tempting to cast on — but I keep telling myself I will feel SO much better if I finish the Whitby socks and the Harvard Square Stripe Cardigan first.

I am taking this afternoon away from the office.  I have a lot of little errands and things that I would like to do and the weekend never seems long enough.  I need to have new strings put on my bass, I need to go to the library to return some things and pick up some items on hold, pay some bills, do some shopping.  I want to check out a couple of the local natural foods stores and see what they have to offer in the way of local produce and meat.  I would really like to try to eat more locally, and am searching out venues for that.  I live in an agricultural state, but the closest CSA farm is nearly 3 hours away which is not feasible. I shop at the local farm markets now that they are open, but decided I need to start searching out other venues for fall and winter.

Last night after I got home from practice, I cooked some of the summer herb fettucine I bought at the farm market last week and ate it with a little butter and olive oil and grated cheese.  Wonderful flavor.  I see more of this pasta in my future.

I have been listening to a lot of Bela Fleck lately.  Edgar Meyer is a favorite of mine and he collaborates with Bela Fleck, so I have been listening this week to Perpetual Motion.  Awesome cd. 

Another artist I listen to frequently is George Winston on the Windham Hill label.  At the library a few weeks ago I found one of his cds that I had not known about — I can’t recall the name of the cd at the moment, but he plays music by The Doors.  People are Strange, Love Her Madly, Light My Fire — they sound great.  I have been listening to it a lot, too, and will probably have to buy it.

Big News Monday

I had a lovely weekend with Soldier Daughter.  We ate out Friday before the musical and one of my coworkers joined us — she also goes to music theater in the summers.  We had plum wine (a bit too sweet for me), 4 different kinds of sushi ( and I actually liked two of them), a seaweed salad (I really liked it), chicken yakisoba, and chicken tonkatsu.  The chicken tonkatsu was a pounded thin breaded chicken cutlet with a sauce that was a cross between a steak sauce and Worcestershire.  The chicken yakisoba was chicken and vegetables with soba noodles.  An enjoyable dinner, and the musical was great.

Saturday morning we went to the farm market at Old Town — not the one I usually go to, but I thought it would be more to Soldier Daughter’s liking — and it was.  We bought a small strawberry rhubarb pie, tomatoes, summer herb fettucine, Italian white truffle oil, a quilt sewn with cars and trucks fabric for the Little Buddy’s room, chili sauce, and salsa. Then we headed over to the yarn store where we  picked out yarn for hats and needles I needed that were on sale 50% off. 

We spent some time at the big new bookstore and ate lunch there.  Then we did a bit of shopping at Target. 

I cooked dinner Saturday evening — chicken piccata, pull apart garlic rolls, and a salad of fresh mozzarella slices, basil and tomatoes drizzled with the white truffle oil.  Dessert was the strawberry rhubarb pie.  Then we played several games of Scrabble and called it a night.

Yesterday I got some weeding done in my garden, freecycled a large box of VHS movies, did some cleaning.  In the evening I went back to church for a special event.  A team from our church, including our senior pastor, went to Dajo, Sudan in April to train pastors and lay leaders, and they were giving a presentation last night.  I have been thinking for some time that I need to do something — and after it was announced that two teams are going in October 2009, I signed up.  The team I will be on will be staying in Kenya while the other team goes on to Dajo.  I will be doing work at an orphanage and teaching women to sew — I can do this.  I am very excited about it and am glad there is plenty of time to get everything in order to go.

Yes/No Game for Friday

I saw this yes/no game on another blog and decided to play along.  The rules are you can only say yes or no.  You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING.  Certainly lets minds mull —

  • Over 18? Yes
  • Danced in front of your mirror naked? No
  • Ever told a lie? Yes
  • Been arrested? No
  • Kissed a picture? Yes
  • Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
  • Held an actual snake? Yes
  • Have YOU ever run a red light? Yes
  • Ever drink and drive? Yes
  • Been suspended from school? No
  • Ever been fired from a job? Yes
  • Totaled a car/motorbike in an accident? Yes
  • Sang karaoke? No
  • Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
  • Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes
  • Ever laughed until you wet yourself? No
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
  • Kissed in the rain? Yes
  • Sang in the shower? No
  • Sat on a rooftop? Yes
  • Thought about your past with regret? Yes
  • Been pushed in the pool with your clothes on? Yes
  • Shaved your head? Yes
  • Blacked out from drinking? No
  • Had a gym membership? No
  • Been in a band? Yes
  • Shot a gun? Yes
  • Liked someone with nobody else knowing about it? Yes
  • Played strip poker? Yes
  • Been to a strip joint? Yes
  • Donated blood? Yes
  • Liked someone you shouldn’t? Yes
  • Have a tattoo? No
  • Have or had any piercings besides ears? No
  • Made out with a complete stranger? Yes
  • Caught someone cheating on you? No
  • Skinny dipped? Yes
  • Regret any of your exes? Yes
  • Been to a rodeo? Yes
  • Been to a NASCAR race? Yes
  • Been in love? Yes



Middle of the Week

Wednesday — woo hoo.  The work week is nearing to an end.  Knitting progress to show:

A couple of inches to go on the back and then I can do the front sections and the sleeves.  Steady progress is being made here.

I bought a new bead book last week:

I love this book.  I checked it out from the library and liked it so much that I bought my own copy.  I have lots of beads, but lack skill and creativity.  This book has some great basic items and good instructions.  I have the items to make a great pair of earrings and a bracelet so far.  I see more jewelry making in my future.

I went to the clearance sale at Bath/Body Works this evening after work.  Bought a bagful of items.  Some to put away as gifts and some for the girls now.  I am getting a box ready to send to the fashionista, so I will put a couple of shower gels and body sprays in it. 

Soldier Daughter is coming down on Friday for her birthday weekend.  We are going to eat sushi and then go to the local music theater to see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, the first show of the season.  There are five shows this summer — every other Friday.  Saturday my mother is going with us to the new Barnes and Noble.  And then I think Soldier Daughter and I will go see Prince Caspian.

The weather people are saying we could have major tornadic activity in our area tomorrow.  For days the media has been saying that the conditions tomorrow will be exactly the same as they were on this day back in 1974 when 22 people were killed by tornadoes.  Interesting.  I don’t remember the 1974 tornadoes — but I was 19 and self-absorbed…. So it will be interesting to see what occurs tomorrow.