FO Friday

Yep, I did it.  I sat down the other evening and finished two items.  Got the Branching Out scarf and the tank done.  They are ready for washing and blocking this weekend.  Will post a pic later.  That monkey is off my back!

I have been working on an infant sundress, but even though I swatched, the darn thing is just not coming out right.  It has been my lunchtime knitting project and yesterday I knit for awhile, measured again, and just decided it is not worth the aggravation.  So I took it out of my work bag and left it at home to be frogged.  I think I may use the Summer Breeze yarn for a little summer sweater.  Not sure yet.

So I am back to the Whitby socks as my lunchtime knitting.  Perhaps I will get them finished at last.

And I will start perusing patterns and trying to find a good summer cotton project.  I found a couple of things in the new issue of Knit.1 that I would love to make for the fashionista, but she is so particular that I hesitate to work on something without her in the vicinity.

I have been playing on two praise teams lately because the other bass player quit.  But I received word that he met with the worship director and is coming back to his regular team starting June 1 — YAY!  I don’t mind sitting in occasionally, but the long rehearsals and two services on Sunday are a bit much.  And I would like to be able to take a Sunday or two off this summer to play with my little buddy.

Last night after practice I headed over to Pier 1.  I have been watching and waiting for the lamps I want to go on sale — they finally put similar lamps on sale, so I am hopeful that mine will go on sale soon.  One of the fashionista’s friends from high school works there and she was working last night, so we visited a bit.  She told me that my favorite candle scent, the citrus saffron, is being discontinued so I loaded up on votives and pillars that are on clearance.

Tomorrow morning one of my best girlfriends and I are taking another friend to the nail salon for her birthday.  We did it last year and had a great time.  We all get manicures and then go out to lunch.  Should be a fun time.

Today is the start of our city’s party for 10 days — the River Festival.  Soldier Daughter is coming down tomorrow afternoon and we will probably go to a few of the weekend events — the city garden is open to the public, there are lots of bands playing off and on all weekend, the art and book fair.



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