Monthly Archives: May 2008

A Stormy Weekend

It has been a stormy weekend here.  Tornadoes every day to the west.  High winds and rain and hail in my fair city.

Saturday morning I headed over to the local farm market in the rain.  There were a couple of good downpours while I was there, but I had my trusty umbrella. I bought asparagus, tomatoes, salad lettuce, a tomato plant, and a loaf of cherry almond bread. 

After I got home and had several people look at the car, I headed over to the yarn shop and wound my Pakucho organic cotton.  The sale was still going on, so I bought 6 more skeins and wound those while I was there.  I am going to make baby jackets — found a great pattern at the f.pea blog.  Here is a photo:

 This is called Mossy Jacket.  Isn’t it adorable?  It is a quick knit — a little bit funky.  I think it will be perfect.

I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done this weekend, but nothing finished.  I am nearly ready to turn the heel on the second Whitby sock.  I have two inches to go on the back of the Harvard Stripes cardi.  I have 3 more pattern repeats on the Wavy scarf before it is finished.  I am feeling good about my knitting progress.

Yesterday was pretty much devoted to music.  I played two services yesterday, then went back at 2 p.m. for an extra practice.  My primary team spends one Sunday afternoon each month working on new music.  Then I had other music I needed to work on at home.  I did watch a movie last night and knitted through that.



My Week Thus Far (MORE than Ready for the 3 day weekend)

This week has been pretty busy workwise and after workwise.  I have an ad in the local paper for the fashionista’s vehicle.  Since she will likely not be returning to our fair city anytime soon, I made the decision to sell the car.  It is 13 years old.  It has some issues.  I priced it very low.   My phone has been ringing off the hook all week.  People have come to look at it.  It has always started, it has always run, but it has some issues.  I think I mentioned that I priced it pretty low.  Each time I have answered the phone, I have given them every conceivable detail about the car. The general public seems to think that it should either be perfect or I should fix it up and then sell it, but for the same low price, or I should be willing to give it away. Saturday is the last day for the ad.  I am trying very hard to keep my sense of humor and believe that someone will come along and just buy it as it is for a reasonable price.  Yes, I am apparently crazy.

I am knitting away on the second Whitby sock.  I think I have found a pattern that will be great for my organic cotton.  I got out the Harvard Stripe cardigan that has been languishing in the knitting basket and have been working on it.  It is knit up to the armholes in one piece and then divided.  I only have about 3 inches to go on the back and then do the two fronts and the sleeves.  It is a size 24 months — not a men’s XL.  I can do this.

I went to three teaching sessions this week at my church.  They were awesome.  A pastor from Kenya taught on the prophetic ministry in the New Testament church.  I have sometimes been rather skeptical of prophecy — but I learned a great deal from these sessions and I believe he is the real deal.  I am still trying to process through his teachings.

I have no major plans for the weekend.  I have some chores to do.  If we don’t get the torrential rain and large hail ( the large hail we had a couple of years ago took out both windshields on my car — no garage) called for tonight and tomorrow, I would like to get out to the farm market and purchase some vegetables and a couple of tomato plants.  I would like to go see the new Narnia movie this weekend.  I really just want to kind of hang around at home — catch up on my ironing, practice my guitars, read, watch Austin City Limits, do some cooking, knit.  Just do whatever I feel like doing.

I have been trying to eat more fish lately.  Several days ago, I baked tilapia fillets with a mustard sauce topped with breadcrumbs.  Yesterday I baked salmon in a bit of butter and topped the fillets with fresh dill from my herb garden.  I made a salad to go with the salmon of couscous, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper.

Yarn-y Goodness

Here is the Wildflower DK tank and the moss green Branching Out scarf blocked and drying.

And I FINALLY finished the first Whitby sock — and I am working on the second and have every intention of not letting it sit around.

Saturday I went to a sale at a fairly new LYS that I have not been to often.  I had a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase, so that was a pretty good deal.  I bought a skein of Austermann Step for a pair of socks at 40% off, and I bought 6 skeins of Pakucho Organic Cotton, 3 in khaki and 3 in cream, also at 40% off.  I am thinking of organic cotton baby sweaters.


And finally — I am getting ready for the Summer of Socks 2008.  The Austermann Step and the new Noro Sock yarn are my two newest acquisitions.



Mother’s Day and Other Misc.

I had a fairly nice Mother’s Day weekend.  Soldier Daughter came down and took me to eat at Cafe Moderne.  It was wonderful as always.  We watched a British film called Death at a Funeral — interesting film.  I went to Pier 1 and got my lamps.  Actually I got an incredible deal.  The lamps I decided on were on sale and then the clerk told me that if they did not have any in the back, she would have to sell me the lamps for an additional 50% off.  They had none, so I got 2 lamps for the price of one.

Sunday after lunch we went with my mother and aunt to Botanica, the city garden.  So much is in bloom and it was a lovely afternoon.  My mother gave me a drawing she did of Soldier Daughter and the fashionista from a photo. 

The rest of the week was rather anti-climactic.  Yesterday I went to the River Festival in the morning to hear my boss’s band — a couple of pics follow — then to get my hair done and then to a graduation party.

He is wearing the black shirt and playing the guitar.  He also plays mandolin.  They went to Nashville a few months ago and played at the Bluebird and they have a great time.  The band is made up of an insurance guy who used to play bluegrass professionally, a federal judge and an environmental attorney.  Interesting combo.

The iris are blooming!

FO Friday

Yep, I did it.  I sat down the other evening and finished two items.  Got the Branching Out scarf and the tank done.  They are ready for washing and blocking this weekend.  Will post a pic later.  That monkey is off my back!

I have been working on an infant sundress, but even though I swatched, the darn thing is just not coming out right.  It has been my lunchtime knitting project and yesterday I knit for awhile, measured again, and just decided it is not worth the aggravation.  So I took it out of my work bag and left it at home to be frogged.  I think I may use the Summer Breeze yarn for a little summer sweater.  Not sure yet.

So I am back to the Whitby socks as my lunchtime knitting.  Perhaps I will get them finished at last.

And I will start perusing patterns and trying to find a good summer cotton project.  I found a couple of things in the new issue of Knit.1 that I would love to make for the fashionista, but she is so particular that I hesitate to work on something without her in the vicinity.

I have been playing on two praise teams lately because the other bass player quit.  But I received word that he met with the worship director and is coming back to his regular team starting June 1 — YAY!  I don’t mind sitting in occasionally, but the long rehearsals and two services on Sunday are a bit much.  And I would like to be able to take a Sunday or two off this summer to play with my little buddy.

Last night after practice I headed over to Pier 1.  I have been watching and waiting for the lamps I want to go on sale — they finally put similar lamps on sale, so I am hopeful that mine will go on sale soon.  One of the fashionista’s friends from high school works there and she was working last night, so we visited a bit.  She told me that my favorite candle scent, the citrus saffron, is being discontinued so I loaded up on votives and pillars that are on clearance.

Tomorrow morning one of my best girlfriends and I are taking another friend to the nail salon for her birthday.  We did it last year and had a great time.  We all get manicures and then go out to lunch.  Should be a fun time.

Today is the start of our city’s party for 10 days — the River Festival.  Soldier Daughter is coming down tomorrow afternoon and we will probably go to a few of the weekend events — the city garden is open to the public, there are lots of bands playing off and on all weekend, the art and book fair.


Wednesday Wanderings

Soldier Daughter has been in Atlanta for 3 weeks and gets back today.  Her hb had three weeks leave. His family is in the Atlanta area, so she and the little buddy flew down there to spend time with him.  She had to put the poor guy back on a plane to Iraq yesterday.  And the little buddy was picked up by his paternal grandmother and has been whisked off to Nashville/Ft. Campbell for a month.  She was a little teary when I talked to her yesterday, but she plans to visit her dad in Texas and do some other things.  And I bought season tickets for us to go to Music Theater this summer – 5 shows in all.  The first show is her birthday weekend, so that gave her something to look forward to.

Found these two books at the library on Saturday.   Knitting New Scarves: 27 Distinctly Modern Designs by Lynne Barr and Tyllie Barbosa.  I skimmed it — there are some unusual designs and techniques.  I will sit down and read it more thoroughly over the next couple of weeks.  And Vogue Knitting on the Go: Quick Gifts.  There are some cute patterns in it.

I am nearly finished with the tank — have the bottom edging to do.  Then weave in all the ends, wash and block.  I hope to get it washed and blocked along with the moss Branching Out Scarf this weekend.

I was trying to think of something to send out as a baby gift with the little pink MD baby kimono that I finished.  One of my coworkers has a new granddaughter and she was telling me that one of the gifts baby R received was several pairs of plain white infant socks with eyelash yarn crocheted into the edging.  So I think that is what I will do — I have some leftover eyelash yarn from various projects and I am certain I have pink, so I will purchase a package of infant anklets and crochet the edges with eyelash yarn.  I think that is a very cute idea.

Herb Day was great as always.  I purchased fresh asparagus and tomatoes from the farm market.  Two basil plants, a 6 pack of red leaf begonias, a new rosemary plant, a small bag of epsom salts treated with eucalyptus, chamomile, spearmint and something else that smells yummy. I also bought an Earth Kind Rose bush — Caldwell Pink.  I wanted a Fairy Rose, but those had all been sold.  Ate brunch there and had a nice visit with my mother.

Sunday afternoon after I got home from church, I ate lunch and then decided to go for a walk in the park. It was so nice out and the breeze off the small lake was great.  Lots of people picnicking and kids playing, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, and bicyclists out — and a few fishermen.  I stopped by the local garden center on my way home and purchased mulch, organic humus to mix in with my own compost, and some potting soil.  While there, I decided to go ahead and get some bedding plants.  I decided this year to plant white vinca, dusty miller, and yellow marigolds in my front flower garden.  Then I went home and spent the next 7 hours digging, mixing, weeding, transplanting, planting, and watering — whew!  I was really glad I bought the bath salts at Herb Day.  I soaked in a tubful of those after the gardening was done.  I used muscles I had probably not used since last year.  Add to that the issues with my back and — well, let’s just say I am still recovering.  Monday night I could barely get my arms up high enough to take off my tee shirt and put on my pajama shirt — sheesh!


It was another stormy Thursday

. . . but not until last night around 10:30 p.m.  Yesterday I took the day off from the office.  The boss is cavorting in Cabo and I was tired of sitting at my desk.  So I had a lovely day.  I have been purging my house of things that are not used or wanted, so I hauled odds and ends of the fashionista’s clothes that she no longer wants, cds, dvds, games, Christmas decorations, the vases that seem to appear for various reasons over to a friend who was having a garage sale yesterday and today.  Some remaining items — 4 large bags and a wire cube and several baskets — were then taken to the Goodwill.  I freecycled the hamster cage, food and litter that have been sitting in the utility room since the hamster passed on — I love freecycling!

After taking care of those things, I went to have my car serviced and hit a sale at Borders while I was waiting.  I bought several novels on sale, a crossword puzzle book to put away for an upcoming birthday, and the new “green” issue of Knit.1.  I have skimmed the pages, but not really sat down and actually read it.  I hope to get to that later this evening or Sunday afternoon.

Then I met a good friend for lunch at my favorite Lebanese restaurant/deli/grocery.  I had the Thursday special, moussaka over rice with tabouli.  It was excellent as always.  While I was there, I purchased a 1/2 pint of tahini sauce so that I can make falafel salad next week, a 1/2 pint of baba ghanouj, and a bag of pita bread.

After lunch I headed to the grocery store — with my reusable bags — and picked up fresh radishes, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, coffee creamer — the necessities for sustaining my life over the next week.

Then I spent some time picking up various things around the house because my carpets are being cleaned this afternoon.  And I practiced music for awhile — not very long, though, because I had a 2.5 hour praise team practice last night.

I roasted a chicken and made some potato salad.  Had some of that with corn for an early dinner.

After praise team, I read for awhile.  I checked out the latest Precious Ramotswe book from the library — The Miracle at Speedy Motors.  I enjoy reading these.  In fact, I finished it at lunch today.

I have been listening to a really good book on cd while in the car.  I am on cd 8 out of 9 so I am nearly finished with it.  It is called The Zookeeper’s Wife and is about the Warsaw zookeeper and his family who helped Jews during WW2.  Very interesting book.  The author is Diane Ackerman.

Last night we had large thunderstorms move through with hail and high wind and heavy rains.  I didn’t sleep very well — and couldn’t get to sleep until much later than usual, so I have been dragging all day today.  It is still windy here and much cooler today.  I hope the wind dies down for Herb Day tomorrow!