Stormy Thursday

Rain yesterday and a chance for more thunderstorms today.  Everything is starting to green up with the rain we’ve had lately.  Speaking of green,

I treated myself to this sweet little jade ring this week.

I made some pasta last night — multigrain rotini — and topped it with basil pesto and a couple of spoonfuls of fire-roasted tomatoes.  Very good.

I heard that the new LYS got in a shipment of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, so I think I will head over there this evening after praise team practice and check it out.

The fashionista turns 20 on Sunday.  I got a birthday box mailed off to her yesterday.  It should arrive Friday or Saturday.  This will be the first year we have not celebrated her birthday together.  It feels odd — but I will get the hang of this letting go eventually!

Actually, there are many things I have not missed about her leaving the nest.  I have been sleeping better due to not worrying about her being out late.  There are always clean towels in the linen cabinet.  I can always find a clean glass or coffee mug in the kitchen cabinet.  I can use the computer whenever I want.  I spend less when I go shopping.

Jessica over at Zarzuela Knits is having a button contest for this year’s Summer of Socks.  I sent in an entry.  You have until tomorrow at 5 p.m. to create a button and enter it.  Give it a try!




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One response to “Stormy Thursday

  • Mary

    Definitely mixed blessings when they leave the nest. We have the mixed blessings of one returning to the nest after 5 years on his own. Of course, thrilled to have him out of harm’s way, but takes some real adjustments on the part of all of us for him to be here.

    Your ring is beautiful. I wish you many years of enjoyment with it.

    Did you end up getting any Noro sock yarn? I have socks on the needles right now using some handpainted yarn (80% merino/20% nylon) bought from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm at the Michigan Fiber Fest last August. Finally, I am knitting the socks and loving them so far.

    Mary from DRU

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