Earth Day 2008

I like this logo, which is from 1997.  So my focus today is on being a good steward of not only the earth, but everything I am given.

I have been reading about various changes I can make to have a positive impact on the environment.  In one of my posts earlier this month, I talked about some of those things.  I continue to make more changes — some more slowly than others. 

I have given up using the plug-in air fresheners.  I never bought sprays, but I used the plug-ins all the time.  I have now given those up.  I was not a candle user, but I have made the switch to natural scented candles. 

I am trying to be more conscious of my water usage and not waste water.

I buy local as much as possible — and I do have a garden.

I pack my lunch in reusable containers.

There are many more things I can do and I will continue to make changes where I can.

What are you doing to have a positive impact on the earth? 


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I wear many hats -- mother and grandmother, paralegal, knitter, bass player in a praise and worship band, gardener, cook, avid reader, good friend, good listener -- just to name a few. View all posts by ksknitter

2 responses to “Earth Day 2008

  • Jessica

    Good ideas! I actually did a whole post about the same thing today myself. Happy Earth Day!

  • Mary

    You have great ideas. We all need to do our part. I have reusables for my lunch as well as toting my own reusable water bottle that stays at my desk all day at work. At home DH is constantly turning off lights since we now have our DS here. He seems to think you must light your way like you’ve never been through the house before. He likes a light on in his room all the time, but at least uses a compact florescent.

    Another thing we do and have done for many years, is use cloth placemats and napkins. We have napkin rings so can reuse our own napkin for more than one meal, unless it is soiled. I have a receptacle under the kitchen sink for the soiled ones and they just go in the wash with regular laundry or when I do towels. I have some resusable bags for shopping, but want to get more and start using just those for my grocery shopping.

    Mary from DRU

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