Green Green Green

I love green.  Green is my favorite color.  And I started over the past few years trying to live a greener lifestyle.  And I love this new button:

The grocery store I frequent started selling reusable bags about 6 months ago.  They are nice sturdy red bags.  I bought 5 at a cost of 99 cents each.  Each time I take them to the store, I get a 5 cent credit for each bag.  They have more than paid for themselves.  I have a nice large green Pier 1 bag that I use for shopping also.  And I have an assortment of plain canvas bags that I bought several years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby, which I have used to carry library books in and to shop at the local farm market.

I have been working on living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in other ways, too.  I no longer buy bottled water.  I have a reusable water bottle for my home that I take with me when I go walking or out on my bicycle.  At the office, I brought in a large mug that holds the equivalent of a bottle of water and I fill it from the office kitchen sink.  I figure I save 15-20 plastic bottles a week by using my mug at the office.

I am using different cleaning products.  I am buying  the Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid.  I use borax and baking soda and vinegar for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen and the floors and mirrors and glass.  I have begun mixing my own laundry detergent using one part borax and one part washing soda.  So far so good.

One of my coworkers and I have started commuting together.  There are days when we each need to drive our own cars for various reasons, but I would say that 15 days each month we ride together.  She drives one week and I drive the next.  We don’t have a far commute — 10 miles across town to the office one way, but it makes a difference in gas consumption for each of us.

I recycle.  My city does not have required recycling, which I was used to doing when I lived in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, recycling is not a way of life here.  But there are places in the city where you can recycle, so I collect it at home and twice a month, I load my car up and take everything to the recycling center.  Sometimes I have to go two different places, but I believe I am making a difference so it is worth it.

And I am in the process of purging unused and unwanted items from my home, and I am utilizing the local freecycle list and also donating items to Goodwill. 

Are you going green?  And do you have any great tips for me?


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