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Summer of Socks ’08

You can sign up over at Zarzuela Knits — the knit along starts on June 21.

That gives me time to complete some other items before working on socks for a couple of months.



Stormy Thursday

Rain yesterday and a chance for more thunderstorms today.  Everything is starting to green up with the rain we’ve had lately.  Speaking of green,

I treated myself to this sweet little jade ring this week.

I made some pasta last night — multigrain rotini — and topped it with basil pesto and a couple of spoonfuls of fire-roasted tomatoes.  Very good.

I heard that the new LYS got in a shipment of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, so I think I will head over there this evening after praise team practice and check it out.

The fashionista turns 20 on Sunday.  I got a birthday box mailed off to her yesterday.  It should arrive Friday or Saturday.  This will be the first year we have not celebrated her birthday together.  It feels odd — but I will get the hang of this letting go eventually!

Actually, there are many things I have not missed about her leaving the nest.  I have been sleeping better due to not worrying about her being out late.  There are always clean towels in the linen cabinet.  I can always find a clean glass or coffee mug in the kitchen cabinet.  I can use the computer whenever I want.  I spend less when I go shopping.

Jessica over at Zarzuela Knits is having a button contest for this year’s Summer of Socks.  I sent in an entry.  You have until tomorrow at 5 p.m. to create a button and enter it.  Give it a try!



Earth Day 2008

I like this logo, which is from 1997.  So my focus today is on being a good steward of not only the earth, but everything I am given.

I have been reading about various changes I can make to have a positive impact on the environment.  In one of my posts earlier this month, I talked about some of those things.  I continue to make more changes — some more slowly than others. 

I have given up using the plug-in air fresheners.  I never bought sprays, but I used the plug-ins all the time.  I have now given those up.  I was not a candle user, but I have made the switch to natural scented candles. 

I am trying to be more conscious of my water usage and not waste water.

I buy local as much as possible — and I do have a garden.

I pack my lunch in reusable containers.

There are many more things I can do and I will continue to make changes where I can.

What are you doing to have a positive impact on the earth? 

Sunny Monday

I do believe that we are going from winter to summer this year.  All of a sudden we hit the upper 70s for temps over the weekend.  But I have heard that by the end of the week we will be back to more seasonable temps — low 70s.

Saturday morning I went again to the farm market.  Browsed the plant offerings.  I am trying to decide which herbs and flowers and veggies to plant this year.  There were a few greenish/pale pink tomatoes for sale, but I passed on those.  There was a stand selling handknits, so I stopped and browsed.  Lots of fun fur scarves, some baby booties, dishcloths.  I purchased some homemade mango-peach salsa for the fish tacos I plan to make later in the week, and a dozen brown farm eggs.

It was a lovely day to run errands, so I did some grocery shopping.  I had put my reusable bags in the car when I left the house in the morning.  That way I didn’t have to opt for plastic or drive home and get bags.  The fashionista’s birthday is coming up soon — in 6 days — so I did some birthday shopping.

I finished the Branching Out scarf and will post an FO pic as soon as I have handwashed and blocked it.  I got out the pattern and needles and a skein of the Summer Breeze cotton to cast on for a summer infant dress.  I want to try this pattern, and I figure it will be a quick knit.  I have completed the edging on one of the armholes of the Wildflower DK tank top.  I am cruising along here.

I made the BEST tuna salad in the whole wide world yesterday afternoon.  I tried to copy a link to the site from my page, but I apparently do not know what I am doing even though I thought I was following the directions.  The name of the blog is Simply Recipes.  The best tuna salad in the world is made with the good tuna in olive oil, some cottage cheese, mayo, capers, dijon mustard, lemon juice, onion and celery, fresh dill and fresh parsley.  I had a sandwich on my own homemade bread yesterday and had to keep from eating the entire container of tuna salad!  Go find the recipe and make some — you will love it.  I plan to make several of the recipes I found on this site — Smoked Salmon Pasta and Spinach-Orzo Salad — will be next.

Today is my mother’s birthday, however, and I am taking her out to dinner.  She has not been to Bella Luna, which is one of my favorites, and after dinner she wants to go to the nearby SuperTarget.  I plan to look at little pools while she shops.  I want to buy a pool for my little buddy for the summer.  I discarded the pool I had last summer — it was 5 years old and I was tired of patching it.  I think I may get one of the hard plastic wading pools this year. 

Saturday Score!

I went early to the farm market, but I guess our winter has been too long.  There were no veggies to be had.  But I did score these:


Locally made goat’s milk soap.  Scent is lavender mint.  I will keep one and use the other two for little gifties.

Came home from the market and did some cleaning.  Friday night I purchased a poster frame on sale at Michael’s for half the usual cost.  Got it home and it was too large.  So I exchanged it Saturday afternoon for the correct size.  So I could finally frame this:


I took my mother last August to see this exhibit at the Nelson in Kansas City.  When I told my boss about it, he went to see it also and then bought me one of the exhibition posters as a birthday gift.

After exchanging the frame, I decided to stop in at the LYS and browse for a bit.  Major score! Kaffee Fassett Design Regia Sock yarn!   This is the yummy Caribbean #4261.  I have been trying not to cast it on all weekend!  But I need to finish two other pairs of socks first. I have wanted some of this since I heard about it and saw a pair of socks knit up over at Yarnstorm’s blog.

Then it was home to do some more work and practice those triad arpeggios on the bass guitar. I decided I needed some music to clean to, and listened to a praise music station for awhile.  But I was really in the mood for classical music — my final score of the day! internet only classical music!  Too cool!  It is predominantly classical, but I would swear I heard some Loreena McKennitt at some point.  I think this is going to be one of my new faves.  There is nothing like a dinner of salmon fillet and broccoli spears while listening to Vivaldi. has many different categories of music.  This morning I listened to Contemporary Christian while I was getting ready for church.  I think I may listen to the World channel later to broaden my horizons.

Finally, I finished the diagonal cloth — the eLoomanator’s pattern — free on Ravelry.

This photo came out a little dark.  I used Sugar and Cream in the denim variegated colorway, and it is much lighter.

And I finished the Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono — voila!  I should have had this done months ago, but it sat around awaiting the finishing touches. 

The photo makes it look lavender, but it  is actually pink. Strawberry Swirl, I believe, is the color.  You know, it has been so long I can’t remember!

We have freeze warnings out for tonight — this morning when I left for church it was 39!  I am glad I did not plant any flowers yesterday.


Green Green Green

I love green.  Green is my favorite color.  And I started over the past few years trying to live a greener lifestyle.  And I love this new button:

The grocery store I frequent started selling reusable bags about 6 months ago.  They are nice sturdy red bags.  I bought 5 at a cost of 99 cents each.  Each time I take them to the store, I get a 5 cent credit for each bag.  They have more than paid for themselves.  I have a nice large green Pier 1 bag that I use for shopping also.  And I have an assortment of plain canvas bags that I bought several years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby, which I have used to carry library books in and to shop at the local farm market.

I have been working on living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in other ways, too.  I no longer buy bottled water.  I have a reusable water bottle for my home that I take with me when I go walking or out on my bicycle.  At the office, I brought in a large mug that holds the equivalent of a bottle of water and I fill it from the office kitchen sink.  I figure I save 15-20 plastic bottles a week by using my mug at the office.

I am using different cleaning products.  I am buying  the Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid.  I use borax and baking soda and vinegar for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen and the floors and mirrors and glass.  I have begun mixing my own laundry detergent using one part borax and one part washing soda.  So far so good.

One of my coworkers and I have started commuting together.  There are days when we each need to drive our own cars for various reasons, but I would say that 15 days each month we ride together.  She drives one week and I drive the next.  We don’t have a far commute — 10 miles across town to the office one way, but it makes a difference in gas consumption for each of us.

I recycle.  My city does not have required recycling, which I was used to doing when I lived in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, recycling is not a way of life here.  But there are places in the city where you can recycle, so I collect it at home and twice a month, I load my car up and take everything to the recycling center.  Sometimes I have to go two different places, but I believe I am making a difference so it is worth it.

And I am in the process of purging unused and unwanted items from my home, and I am utilizing the local freecycle list and also donating items to Goodwill. 

Are you going green?  And do you have any great tips for me?

Still Life with Yarn

I like to keep the yarn for my next projects so that I can look at it.  I have this great metal bowl and I think the yarn looks lovely in it.  In the yarn bowl at this time are 6 skeins of GGH Safari for a summer top, a skein of green Sugar/Cream Stripes yarn and a skein of solid sage green Sugar/Cream yarn.  There are also a couple of skeins of pale green/cream Summer Breeze cotton that I plan to use for an infant summer dress.  I have more of this yarn if I need it.

And a special treat — the first tulips of 2008!  Spring is finally springing!

I have a Thursday evening with no praise team and no other obligations.  Unusual for me.  So I am watching We Are Marshall and I plan to seam the tank top and perhaps work on one of the scarves I have in progress.

I am purging my house slowly of unused items.  Today I freecycled a microwave cabinet on wheels and quite a few VHS movies.  I love the local freecycle list.  I plan to freecycle more stuff soon.